Serbia: Obrenovac Refugee Camp Improvements

Renovations Near Completion: Q2 2018

October 31, 2018

Dr. Dragana Marković, Miloš Macura, Mirko Rudić

Obrenovac Refugee Camp Improvements

A Safe Environment for Refugees

Currently, there are about 900 refugees and migrants residing at Obrenovac Transit Centre. The living conditions of the camp are poor due to crowding. In addition, many young men at the camps suffer from severe mental disorders and require a safe environment where they can socialize and be entertained. Thus, RMF Serbia decided to renovate the first floor of the old government building in Obrenovac Transit Center.

Renovations Near Completion

Will Improve Refugees’ Quality of Life

The renovation project started on April 24 and was near completion by the end of June. Three rooms and two hallways on the first floor of the old building were renovated along with the reception area and two bathrooms located at the entrance of the camp.

One room was transformed into a computer room, now called the Asylum Resource Center, where refugees can access the internet and get in touch with their families and friends. The working hours of the Asylum Resource Center (ARC) will be 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday.

The ARC will help to improve the quality of the social lives of refugees and migrants in the camp by providing an opportunity for education and entertainment.

New Theater Space

Room for Workshops and Classes

Our team also built a movie theater with a projector in the largest room on the floor. Thanks to its size of approximately 100 seats, the space can be also used as a conference room. It will be used to hold educational workshops and classes such as language courses, basic computer skill courses, etc. The theater will be used by all organizations in the camp according to a schedule made by the RMF team.

  • Improve the living conditions of refugees and migrants in Obrenovac Reception and Transit Centre through renovation and ongoing maintenance of facilities.
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for education, entertainment, and socialization at the renovated facilities.

In order to improve the quality of life of refugees and migrants at Obrenovac Reception and Transit Centre, RMF Balkans renovated the first floor of Building 11 at the camp, as well as the reception area. The reconstruction included upgrading existing infrastructure, installing sanitary facilities, and providing basic furniture and necessary equipment.

RMF also built a movie theater and a computer room, called the Asylum Resource Centre (ARC). These facilities have given refugees and migrants greater access to both education and entertainment, as well as enabling them to connect with their families and friends.