Uganda: Healthcare Implementing Partner for UNHCR at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement

UNHCR Uganda Bi-Weekly Report: Update for the South Sudanese Emergency

May 05, 2016



Update on achievements

Operational Context

On January 10th Real Medicine Foundation RMF signed a tripartite agreement with UNHCR and the Government of Uganda to implement a health programme aimed at addressing two goals of emergency operations and care and maintenance of refugees and asylum seekers in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement through the delivery of quality health care services.   

How many health facilities are there? How many staff? Which partners? UNHCR?

A total of three (03) health facilities; Panyadoli Health Center III, Panyadoli Hills Health Center II and Reception Centre Clinic are directly being supported by UNHCR. Also, there has been significant numbers of PoC accessing services at Nyakadot Health Centre II as some of the Refugees have sought to settle at Bweyale trading centre. Nyakadot H/C is located in the host community.   

How many consultations were carried out this week?

Consultations during the reporting period were *2807* (1,662 at Panyadoli H/C III, *463* at Panyandoli Hills HC II and 682 at Nyakadot HCII) 


A total of 27 referrals were supported;  8 nationals and 19 refugees  (11 to Kiryandongo district referral hospital, 10 to Gulu Regional hospital, 1 to Lacor and 5 to Mulago national referral hospital)    

Reproductive Health

How many ANC consultations? Break down of refugees /nationals? Which partners? UNHCR?
  •  440 ANC (72 refugees and 368 nationals) consultations were registered during the reporting period at this includes (Panyadoli H/C III  285, Panyadoli HCII 70  and Nyakadote HCII 85)
  • 123 Maternity ward (40 Refugees, 83 Nationals) Admissions were registered at Maternity ward during the reporting period at Panyadoli Health center III for both ante-natal and antenatal services.
  • A total of 108 (24 Refugees, 84 Nationals) deliveries were carried out by skilled health workers at Panyadoli Health Center III 73, Panyadoli HCII 07 and Nyakadote HCII 28.
Is this figure included in the number of consultations above under ‘Health”?


Other notable activities?
  • A total of 724 (Male 378, Female 346) new arrivals were screened and registered at Reception Centre during the reporting period.
  • A total of 357 (Maternity ward 123, Male ward 56, Female ward 75, Paediatric ward 98 and Nutritional ward 5) complicated cases of admission were made in the inpatient department.
  • Death 6 (3 refugees and 3 national) Major causes; 2 died of severe anaemia, 1 Septicaemia, 1 meningitis, 1 sickle cell and 1 oesophageal vales
  • Nutritional Unit; Supplementary feeding 35 and Outpatient therapeutic Care 12
  • A total of  17 persons were  enrolled to the ART clinic
  • Children immunized with BCG, Polio, DPT and Measles vaccines (Static) 438 (Male 234, Female 204)
  • A total of 189 children were given vitamin A and deworming(450) at PHCIII, PHCII, Reception Centre and Nyakadote
How many vaccinations? Which vaccine? Breakdown of refugees/nationals
  • A total of 418 were vaccinated at reception centre  with booster doses of Polio and Measles 
  • 3 Integrated outreaches were held, in Gasper Road, Cluster MR and Arnold Primary School; 28 male and 31 female were immunized 120 were dewormed and 88 were given Vitamin A, 104 girls were given HPV vaccine


The project has been implemented in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement as part of the emergency response to the South Sudanese refugee influx. Health services are provided through the established health centers: Panyadoli Hills Health Centre II, Panyadoli Health Centre III, Nyakadot Health Centre II, and the Reception Centre Clinic with community-based care supporting both the refugee and host community.
Funding is provided by UNHCR to aid the influx of refugees and asylum seekers into Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. The number of refugees is projected to increase. This is due to the political instability in South Sudan, as the cease-fire agreement signed in Ethiopia has not yielded peace as anticipated.
Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) has hired a manager who is responsible for the overall implementation and coordination of planned interventions, whereas OPM and UNHCR do oversight functions. Activities are planned, coordinated, and reviewed on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis through coordination meetings chaired by OPM at the settlement level.


  • Emergency operations
  • Care and maintenance of refugees and asylum seekers in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement through the delivery of quality health care services
  • Ensure optimal access to reproductive health and HIV/AIDS services