Uganda: Buwate Sports Academy

Students Go to Watoto Wasoka Christmas Camp: Q4 2017

March 23, 2018

Alphonse Mwanamwolho and Naku Charles Lwanga

Summary of Activities

This Quarter:

  • School fees were promptly paid for 65 children in Buwate Sports Academy, with funds from RMF.
  • Students in candidate classes were visited during the briefing for their Primary Leaving Examinations (PLEs).
  • Buwate Sports Academy children continued making liquid soap as an income generating activity (IGA). The funds generated from this activity were invested in transportation, away matches, and restocking the first aid kits.
  • The under-17 and under-12 Kireka boys’ teams have begun training for the Fourth Division Kampala Central District League Tournament.
  • Buwate Sports Academy received training kits from RMF, which included balls, uniforms, cleats, and socks, among other items.
  • The children were safely transported to and from football (American soccer) games outside the academy during the reporting period.
  • The tailoring department continued to register progress by winning contracts from neighboring schools. Tailoring trainees make school uniforms such as sportswear, skirts, dresses, and shirts, as well as school bags and ladies’ bags and wallets, which help generate income to support the department.
  • Monthly formative meetings were held in the vocational department. During these meetings, the issues discussed include necessary repair and maintenance of existing machines and customer care service techniques.
  • Wages for Buwate Sports Academy support staff were paid on time, enabling the program to run smoothly.
  • Food and charcoal were purchased so that we could provide the children with meals during training sessions and away games.
  • Under-9, under-11, and under-13 Buwate Sports Academy children also participated in a football (American soccer) competition during the Aga Khan Cup.
  • Buwate Sports Academy organized and participated in a welcome football (American soccer) competition for children out of school at Gayaza Sports Grounds.
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Results &


Watoto Wasoka Christmas Camp

Bringing Players Together

Buwate Sports Academy was able to send the children to the Watoto Wasoka Christmas Camp in Mityana District, an experience which brought cohesion, socialization, exposure, and acquisition of new strategies among the players.

World AIDS Day

Education and Awareness

Buwate Sports Academy celebrated World AIDS Day with the children by hosting a team from Reach Out Mbuya, who shared about issues in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevalence and awareness.

Progressive Promotional Examinations

27 Students Take Exams

Among the children sponsored by Buwate Sports Academy, a total of 27 candidates sat for progressive promotional examinations: 23 children sat for their primary leaving certificate, 2 for their Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), and 2 for their Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

Vocational Training Program

48 Graduates

48 trainees graduated from the vocational program at the end of the year, and others are completing their final training as they prepare for graduation and to start their own businesses.

Meeting National Coaches

Building Skills and Motivation

The Buwate Sports Academy boys’ team from Kireka had an opportunity to interact with national coaches from Ghana during the World Cup Qualifiers against the Uganda Cranes. This opportunity was intended to build skills and motivation toward football (American soccer) as a profession.

Hosting a Professional

Mr. Kalule Encourages Players

Buwate Sports Academy hosted ex-international veteran football (American soccer) player Mr. Kalule, who trained, encouraged, and motivated the players while on his vacation in Uganda.

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& Objectives


In early 2013, RMF, the Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation in Italy (Devoti Madre Terese Per I Bambini) and World Children’s Fund started funding support of the Buwate Sports Academy. Buwate Sports Academy is a sports club and activity group for children living in Buwate village, Kira Town, Kampala District. The Buwate Sports Academy seeks develop the youth advancement component of our humanitarian work through games, sports training, vocational training and other educational opportunities.


  • Provide funding to assist the operations and growth of Buwate Sports Academy
  • Provide funding to allow children from surrounding slums to attend school
  • Provide funding for vocational training opportunities including tailoring, hairdressing, and cosmetology
  • Increase Buwate’s popularity in hopes that this will attract social services from the government and other development partners
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About 2,000 persons benefit from the Buwate Sports Academy project, i.e. Buwate, Kireka, Bwyogerere, and Seeta communities.

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