Uganda: Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Project

Second Construction Report: Maternity Ward Expansion and Minor Theatre Construction

December 20, 2016

Alphonse Mwanamwolho


Project Objectives

In 2016, Real Medicine Foundation received funding from LDS Charities to expand the Maternity ward and construct a Minor Operating Theatre at the Panyadoli Health Centre III in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, Uganda. RMF Uganda’s team received this funding with great joy, because it has been our dream to build an Operating Theatre and expand the Maternity ward at Panyadoli Health Centre III since 2009, when we began our support and improvement of the health centers at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement.

Limited space in the Maternity ward and the absence of an Operating Theatre have been key issues limiting service delivery at Panyadoli Health Centre III. Once completed, this construction will significantly contribute towards improving the health status of refugees in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, as well as the host community.

Contractor Selection 

Through a bidding process, Ben and Dok Enterprises Ltd was selected to construct the Maternity ward expansion and the Minor Operating Theatre. The company also agreed to integrate graduates of RMF’s Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute who have been trained in construction. Thus, an additional benefit of the project is that it has provided employment for several of our graduates, as well as increasing their chance of participating in future construction projects conducted by other partners in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. There is also a very high possibility of some of our graduates being retained by Ben and Dok Enterprises Ltd.

Scope of Construction

 Maternity Ward

  • Waiting room (3.2m x 4.9m)
  • Porch (1.3m x 4.2m)
  • Sterilizing room (2.8m x 2.6m)
  • Stage 1 room (3.2m x 2.6m)
  • Delivery room (3.2m x 4.4m)
  • Midwife room (2.8m x 1.8m)
  • Linen room (71.7m x 1.8m)
  • Ward (6.4m x 6.9m)
  • Sluice room (2.2m x 1.8m)
  • Bathroom (2m x 1.8m)
  • Passage (1.8m) 

Minor Operating Theatre (Dimensions: 19.9m x 11.65m)

  • Lobby
  • Supervisor’s room
  • Duty station
  • Ante recovery room
  • Operating room
  • Sluice room
  • Sterilizing room
  • Storeroom for sterilized items
  • Anesthetist discharge
  • Storeroom
  • Anesthetist’s room
  • Surgeon’s room
  • Lavatory

Construction Progress

The construction of the two buildings has continued steadily. Below is an outline of accomplishments:

Maternity Ward: Additional Tasks Completed

  • Mobilization of bricks, cement, sand, water, etc. to construct the superstructure from window level to ring beam
  • Mobilization of trees to construct the scaffolds (trees, nails, timber etc.)
  • Mobilization of timber, nails, aggregate, cement, iron bars, rings, binding wire, etc. for forming the ring beam
  • Construction of wall plates
  • Completion of gables
  • Mobilization of material for roofing (timber, nails, rings, etc.)
  • Application of preservative to rafters
  • Excavation of the foundation for construction of the verandas and aprons

Minor Operating Theatre: Additional Tasks Completed

  • Construction of superstructure from window level to ring beam and wall plates
  • Mobilization of material to form the ring beam
  • Mobilization of trees to construct the scaffold (trees, nails, timber etc.)
  • Preparing the ring beam formwork
  • Casting the ring beam
  • Construction of the wall plates

Next to be installed: roofing (corrugated iron sheets)

As construction continues to progress at a good pace, the next report will show fully roofed structures and overhead work


The Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Bweyale, Uganda, is a UNHCR managed refugee settlement that provides shelter, land, and support for more than 100,000 people. They are comprised of refugees from Kenya, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan. RMF has partnered with UNHCR in supporting Kiryandango Refugee Settlement, the surrounding community of Bweyale, and the greater Kiryandongo District (an additional 266,197 people) with health care, education, and vocational training since 2008.


  • To serve as a health care implementation partner with the UNHCR and Ugandan Government
  • To provide health care services to over 100,000 refugees and persons in the community via the Panyadoli Health Centres
  • To provide skills training for South Sudanese refugees to enable them to become self-reliant