Uganda: Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Project

All 70 PVTI Students Pass Exams: Q2 2019

September 04, 2019

Sylvia Nakiirya and Daniel Wakibi

Summary of Activities

Medicine and Human Resources

  • During the reporting period, RMF/WCF provided medicine, as well as medical, laboratory, and cleaning supplies for the health centers in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. RMF/WCF’s medical support benefits both refugees and nationals who come for treatment at Panyadoli Health Centre III, Panyadoli Hills Health Centre II, the Reception Centre Clinic, and Nyakadot Health Centre II.
  • Surgeries continued to be provided at the Operating Theatre in Panyadoli Health Centre III, with weekly theatre days. This has significantly reduced the number of surgical referrals.
  • Successfully celebrated World Refugee Day, on which several activities, such as Ebola screenings and HIV testing, were held.
  • Conducted community dialogues on hygienic practices in Magamaga, Congodoki, and Bweyale from June 24 to 26. 165 caregivers (22 pregnant women, 116 lactating women, 23 non-pregnant or lactating women, and 4 men) were in attendance.
  • Carried out Continuous Medical Education (CME) sessions for all medical and support staff at the health facilities, so that team members keep sharing and increasing their knowledge.
  • Continuous immunization of all under-5 children living in and around the settlement was implemented
    through the health facilities and outreach activities.
  • Currently, a total of 1,201 students are supported by RMF/WCF funding in one nursery and one secondary school, including South Sudanese, Kenyan, Rwandan, Burundian, Ugandan IDP, and Congolese children/students. School fees for all RMF-sponsored students were paid at the beginning of the reporting period.

Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI)

  • On May 13, 2019, PVTI publicized its programs in order to enlist applicants for the new enrollment period and to select the trainees most suitable for each course at the institute. A total of 170 applications were received.
  • The trainee candidates’ interviews were held on June 21, 2019. Candidates were grouped by department,
    and at the end of the day, the interviewing team shortlisted the best candidates. Of the 170 applications received, 100 applicants were called for interviews, and 69 trainees were accepted.
  • Orientation is held at the start of every intake to ensure that the trainees are acquainted with the vocational
    programs and activities. Before the start of the training schedule, a one-day trainee orientation was conducted on June 28, 2019.
  • Both theory and practical trainings for PVTI were carried out successfully, and the syllabi were all completed on time.
  • The previous intake of trainees took their DIT examinations on May 2, 2019 in all four departments (Bricklaying, Carpentry, Hairdressing, and Tailoring). The examination was managed by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) assisted by the instructors. All 70 students who took the DIT examination passed successfully.

Kiryandongo Sports Development Program

  • RMF has continued to implement our sports development program, which is promoting psychological wellbeing, life skills, and cooperation among the youth. The program has helped diffuse some of the tension existing between different tribes from South Sudan.
  • We managed to organize two friendly games between Panyadoli Self Help Secondary School and the Danish Refugee Council team, one on May 18 and the other on June 15.
  • The teams conducted daily trainings in the 4 community fields in Arnold, St. Bakhita, Magamaga, and Cluster K. The fields have aided the daily activity trainings, furthering the success of the project as a whole.
  • The daily trainings imparted both practical and theoretical soccer skills in the players, and the mentorship element of the program instills them with peacebuilding ideas. Counseling is also conducted for players with mental illness or trauma due to domestic violence.
  • Essential training equipment was purchased, including balls, sports bibs, uniforms, and cleats. This has led to easy identification during training and competitions. It has also attracted more participants to the program and created more confidence in the existing players because they are adequately facilitated.
  • The team conducted 3 monthly meetings between the coaches and the project manager to discuss and
    address matters pertaining to the sports development program. These meetings are often held at our field office at PVTI and shared by the project manager.

Precious Children’s Centre

  • RMF continued to provide financial support to the Precious Children’s Centre in Kawempe, Kampala, which takes care of orphans and vulnerable children. The funding from RMF is used to purchase food for the children. This has helped to keep more children in class and stabilize the center’s operations, contributing to the success of the school’s day-to-day activities.
  • The students received adequate instruction, as most of the key needs and requirements of the school
    were met.
  • The school administration has also continued to train and support this year’s primary seven candidates
    in order to ensure better results on the national exams.
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Results &


Medical Support

Improving Community Health

  • RMF continues to provide integrated primary health care to the persons of concern in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement and to the neighboring host communities, improving the health status of the community.
  • RMF boosted the capacity of health facilities in the settlement by continuing to provide adequate medical supplies.
  • 248 clients with war-related illnesses and injuries were transported for medical rehabilitation from Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement to St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor, Mulago Hospital in Kampala, and CORSU Hospital in Kampala.

Preventative Care

Education and Vaccinations

  • We conducted integrated outreaches in hard-to-reach areas, such as Kimogora, Cluster G, etc. During these outreaches, community members are empowered with preventive health strategies and knowledge concerning malaria, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, and more.
  • We also conducted food demonstrations in all the facilities to improve nutrition among the refugee and host communities.
  • We also successfully conducted Child Days Plus activities for the mass vaccination of children and young adults; all schools were covered, and the compilation of the report is ongoing.

School Support

1,201 Children Served

  • RMF/WCF delivered financial support to 2 schools in the settlement: Arnold Nursery School and Panyadoli Self Help Secondary School. 1,201 school children were supported in the settlement during the first quarter of 2019, including South Sudanese, Kenyan, Rwandan, Burundian, Ugandan IDP, and Congolese students.
  • The number of youths and children who used to loiter in the settlement has reduced significantly.
  • RMF continued providing ongoing support for programs during the school term and funding for day-to-day activities.

Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI)

All Students Pass DIT Exams

  • A total of 73 students finished their studies at PVTI in one of the school’s four departments from the January to March intake.
  • 70 of these students took the DIT exams on May 2, 2019, and all passed, earning certificates that will facilitate further studies and/or employment at reputable businesses.
  • 69 new trainees were recruited into the program and are currently undergoing training.
  • PVTI has helped enhance peaceful coexistence between refugees and nationals, as PVTI accepts applicants from both communities.

Kiryandongo Sports Development Program

Team Receives Guests

  • The team received visitors from TackleAfrica Hoima and the United Kingdom, who came to monitor and observe the impact and performance of this project on lives of refugees in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, to potentially adopt some of our project objectives and to share their own with us.
  • The sports development program has continued to indirectly contribute to education in Kiryandongo Refugee
    Settlement and the district at large by helping talented players gain wider exposure and earn scholarships from
    different supporting agencies and schools. This has enabled the students to receive a high-quality education that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Precious Children’s Centre

387 Children Served

  • Financial support was delivered to the Precious Children’s Centre. The funding is used to purchase food for the children, improving their health and ability to concentrate on learning.
  • Due to RMF’s support of the Precious Children’s Centre, more children have been enrolled, and there are now 387 children benefiting from primary education and regular meals at the school.
  • With RMF/WCF’s support, the Precious Children’s Center is able to keep the children in school and provide quality education by continuously employing enough teachers.
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& Objectives


The Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Bweyale, Uganda, is a UNHCR managed refugee settlement that provides shelter, land, and support for more than 100,000 people. They are comprised of refugees from Kenya, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan. RMF has partnered with UNHCR in supporting Kiryandango Refugee Settlement, the surrounding community of Bweyale, and the greater Kiryandongo District (an additional 266,197 people) with health care, education, and vocational training since 2008.


  • To serve as a health care implementation partner with the UNHCR and Ugandan Government
  • To provide health care services to over 100,000 refugees and persons in the community via the Panyadoli Health Centres
  • To provide skills training for South Sudanese refugees to enable them to become self-reliant
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Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
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Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
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Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
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Nancy Lamaro at her workplace

Nancy Lamaro

2016 PVTI Graduate

Nancy Lamaro graduated from PVTI in 2016, and with the gift of a start-up kit, she began working in Bweyale market in a friend’s shop. Her initiative has contributed to earning about UGX 10,000/= per week, and with these earnings, she is able to contribute towards her family’s basic needs and pay her siblings’ school fees. Nancy is also helping her parents in their garden work. She added that her sewing machine has started causing some problems in her work, and she spends part of her earnings paying repair expenses. Despite this difficulty, Nancy appreciates Real Medicine Foundation for equipping her with the skills which have enabled her to become self-reliant. “My life has greatly changed due to the earnings I make,” says Nancy.

Hellen working on a customer’s order of a kitenge dress

Hellen Anek

2018 PVTI Graduate

Hellen Anek graduated in September 2018 with a certificate in Tailoring and Garment Cutting. Hellen was one of the best trainees in her intake, demonstrating a lot of interest in what she was doing during her three-month training at Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute. Hellen opened a workshop in Bweyale market where she buys and sells kitenge materials and also employs other trainees who help her with the orders. She designs clothes according to customers’ needs. Hellen explained that she earns about UGX 20,000/= per day, which has greatly helped her family. She is married with three children. She provides school fees for her children, pays rent for the whole family, and provides for their basic needs.

Joseph and Justine at their construction site

Justine Omal & Joseph Okewa

2018 PVTI Graduates

Justine Omal and Joseph Okewa graduated in May 2018 with certificates in Bricklaying and Concrete Practice, and they have been working together since finishing the course. During their interview, Joseph and Justine said they have achieved a lot, as they have established customers who now only call them for building projects. At the time of the interview, they were building in Bweyale Town Council, where they are being paid UGX 15,000/= per day. They attributed their success to Real Medicine Foundation and the entire staff of Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute, which made this future possible for them.

Sunday Kodra constructing a shelter at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement

Sunday Kodra

2018 PVTI Graduate

Sunday Kodra is one of the successful trainees among the 14 who graduated in May 2018 with certificates in
Bricklaying and Concrete Practice. He is a hardworking young man interested in his work. At the time of our visit,
we found him constructing a shelter in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, and he said that he has been working on various projects, including the construction of the health center, which has enabled him to acquire more skills.

Sunday said that he is very proud of RMF for the knowledge he got from Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute. When Sunday graduated, he began been looking for ways to help at home, since he lives with his uncle. Since then, he has managed to help his family members, and currently he earns UGX 15,000/= per day. He also said he has been able to open up an account with Post Bank, where he keeps his savings.

Jada with a wardrobe he is making

Jada Opi Gore Ferdinand

2019 PVTI Graduate

Jada Opi Gore Ferdinand graduated in May 2019 with a certificate in Carpentry and Joinery. He is married with
one child and lives in Bweyale Town Council, where he is renting a room with his family. He said that as he waits
for contracts to make furniture for his customers, he works part-time at a friend’s workshop in Molokonyi.

Jada shared with PVTI’s coordinator that he is always proud because of the skills acquired at the institute. He said
that his family is very happy today due to his efforts, adding, “I have added some tools like planing gauge and
mortising scissors, which I didn’t have, with the money I earned. Thanks a lot!” He further thanked RMF for giving
him knowledge and supporting him through career guidance that has made him who he is today, a self-reliant man.

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The PVTI team organized a drama performance for guests at the World Refugee Day celebration, which was about female student retention in school. Some of the refugees who attended the celebrations

World Refugee Day Celebrations

June 20, 2019

World Refugee Day is celebrated every year on June 20. This year’s function was attended by many dignitaries from Kiryandongo District Local Government, Bweyale Town Council officials, the Office of the Prime Minister, UNHCR, and all implementing partners within the camp. Real Medicine Foundation, particularly PVTI, participated in the organization of this day by creating exhibitions and a drama performance.

The Kiryandongo Sports Development Program also participated by organizing games as part of the celebration marking World Refugee Day. These games took place at Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, and a number of implementing partners participated, such as the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), Windle Trust International (WTI), and Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI), among others, which made the day amazing for both active participants and those cheering the players on from the sidelines.