Uganda: Mama Kevina Comprehensive Secondary School Project

Special Instruction Prepares Students for Exams: Q2 2019

August 23, 2019

Sylvia Nakiirya and Daniel Wakibi

Summary of Activities
  • Purchased instructional materials, including chalk, pens, manila charts, and more.
  • Paid teachers’ salaries and support staff’s wages promptly, which is one of the reasons World Children’s Fund Mama Kevina Secondary School has been able to maintain highly motivated teachers and staff.
  • Children who were ill during the reporting period received prompt medical treatment.
  • The school broke for Easter celebrations on April 18, 2019, to allow the students to enjoy the holiday break with their families.
  • The teachers held a beginning-of-term meeting on May 13, 2019, and the second term officially opened
    for activities to commence on May 19, 2019.
  • We successfully conducted an inter-house athletics competition at the school on June 8, 2019. This is a crucial part of the learning process, and as it is recommended by the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Technology, it is a mandatory school activity.
  • Children continued to be well fed during the reporting period, receiving 3 meals a day. This has improved students’ health and capacity for learning/concentration, and there were no cases of malnutrition.
  • The children are growing, and most are entering the adolescent stage. With the help of senior teachers, students are given formative talks to help them cope with the challenges of adolescence.
  • The school’s positive environment and reputation have been maintained throughout the reporting period; This is because the school has been able to retain committed, motivated teachers, thanks to the support from RMF/WCF. To accommodate the school’s growth, we have also begun looking into hiring more teachers and providing on-campus housing for teachers.
  • All utility bills were paid and continuous maintenance performed for the motorized water source. This reliable water source has greatly improved the quality of life at World Children’s Fund Mama Kevina Secondary School.
  • The beginning-of-term examinations were successfully completed.
  • The senior four candidates sat for their pre-mock examinations, which are undertaken as practice for their final examinations.
  • World Children’s Fund Mama Kevina Secondary School successfully attended the setters’ workshop, a capacity building activity for teachers in the district to ensure that students are faced with fair, objective examinations to prepare them for their final exams at the end of the four years.
  • The school also celebrated various international, national, and church holidays. This included International Workers’ Day, and we also conducted a visiting day for students during the reporting period.
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Results &


Special Instruction

Advancing Subject Knowledge

During this reporting period, we provided special instruction to the students, particularly the senior four candidates, in an effort to further improve student knowledge on the given subjects and their approach to questions for the final examinations. On May 25th, 30th, and 31st, we held a special class in literature in English, a class in art, and a geography trip, respectively. The geography trip is a mandatory requirement for students, as it is covered during their final examinations.

Young Christian Students (YCS) Enrollment Day

Supporting Spiritual Formation

On June 22, 2019, we held the YCS Fellowship enrollment. The school recognizes the importance of supporting students in forming such clubs. Because the school is faith-based and -founded, spiritual nurturing is also important. Students with other beliefs are encouraged to continue growing their beliefs, and the school appoints patrons for other traditions to help coordinate students’ activities and schedules.

Celebrating Teachers

All Subjects Expertly Taught

All subjects, as outlined by the Ministry of Education, are being taught. These include mathematics, physics, agriculture, chemistry, English language and literature, geography, history, commerce, accounting, information technology, Christian religious education, and fine arts. The school employs teachers for all these subjects, making their expertise available to students. In this photo, cabinet members of the drama club are celebrating their tenure for the new year.

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& Objectives


Mama Kevina Comprehensive Secondary School was opened in 2006 with international financial support, and with the goal of providing both secondary education and vocational training. The student population is mostly from Northern Uganda where many children have been affected by ongoing wars, floods and HIV/AIDS. Many of the students’ parents were killed by rebels or AIDS which left many of the children as orphans; some boys had been forced to be child soldiers. Enrolled at the school are students ranging in age from 11 to 24, who attend secondary grades 1 to secondary 4.


Support World Children’s Fund Mama Kevina School with the following:

• Food supply for the students and staffs
• Support of the school garden work: planting of the maize, and now they are weeding
• Anti-malarial medication and mosquito net supplies for the students and staff
• Support the school clinic with other medications
• Payment of staff salaries
• Support computer purchases to teach IT skills
• Purchase of text books and other school teaching supplies
• Purchase of office equipment supplies like photocopier, printer, and office furniture
• Facilitate participating in community outreach and inter-house competitions with music, dance, drama, regional games and sports held in partnership with the Tororo District
• Support of infrastructure/constructions projects on campus

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Direct Beneficiaries

April – June 2019

  • About 476 students
  • 45 staff members, both teaching and non-teaching staff