Uganda: Panyadoli Healthcare Project

Panyadoli Health Center Q1 2014 Report

April 25, 2014

Naku Charles Lwanga and Jonathan White

Summary of Activities

RMF increased the provision of medical supplies in January due to the significantly increased need because of the new influx of South Sudanese refugees escaping the war in their country.

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Results &


The coordination of regular provision of medicines and medical supplies to the health center continues to make a significant difference to the community and maintains the center’s treatment capacity and overall reliability.

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& Objectives


The Panyadoli Health Centres, located in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement near Bweyale, Uganda, provide healthcare services to over 100,000 refugees from Kenya, South Sudan, DR Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda, as well as members of the host community.


  • Provide medicine, medical supplies, and medical support
  • Support the Health Management Information System Maintenance (staff and petrol supply)
  • Maintain hygiene at clinic to Best Practice Western Medicine standards
  • Enhance existing structures for Malnutrition ward and main center
  • Provide cooking materials such as charcoal stoves, saucepans, utensils, etc.
  • Upkeep and renovation of the health center through periodic re-painting and re-plastering.
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Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
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Q1, 2014 Report

10,280 patients treated

2,965 patients treated in January
2,276 patients treated in February
5,039 patients treated in March
unfortunately 4 deaths were reported

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John Kato and his mother at the hospital

John Kato

John Kato, a three-year-old child and IDP was brought to the health center with a cough, fever and vomiting. After screening in the laboratory, he was diagnosed with a severe respiratory tract infection and malaria. His treatment was on iv X-Pen 1g od for 5 days, iv Gentamycin 60g to start, then 30g bd, a ½ tablet Panadol times 3/2 for 3days, tepid sponging, tablet Salbutamol ½ times 2 for 3days and iv Artesunate 450mg.

His mother narrated:

“We are people who have stayed in this settlement for over four years now and we have always been getting medication and help at the Panyadoli Health Centre III. Whenever our family is attacked by ill health, we run here for medication and we have no doubt in attaining better health services in this unit, that is why I just now thank God because he knows the reason why we were shifted by disaster from Bugisu Region but at least here at Kiryandongo we have better treatment for our children than we did at home.”

Gai Achual and his mother who are South Sudanese refugees

Gai Achual

Gai Achual, a three-year-old boy from South Sudan was brought to the health center by his mother with a cough, difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with severe malaria and pneumonia. His treatment was based on iv Quinine 120mg in 120ml in 5% Dextrose 8 hourly then tablets Quinine 150mg tds, iv X-Pen 1mega 8hourly for 3 days, iv Hydrocortisone 100mg 8 hourly, iv Diclofenac 25mg to start, then Panadol ½ tds for 5days, tablet Salbutamol ½ tds for 5 days.

There are thousands of new South Sudanese refugees in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, with a majority of these people coming from villages that are used to using herbs for medication. The mother of this child had to be given counseling that the medication given to her baby will work more effectively than the herbs she has trust and confidence in.

Akoi Akol and his mother at the Panyadoli health center

Akoi Akol

Akoi Akol, eight months old and a refugee child from South Sudan was admitted with severe dehydration, pneumonia and severe malaria. His treatment was rehydreation with Ringer Lactate 180ml in the first 30min, then 420ml, iv Gentamycin 24mg od for 5/7, Coartem tablets 1bd for 3days, Zinkid tablets ½ od for 14/7 days.

His mother narrated, “As you see me, Doctor, I am a widow now in this settlement, my husband brought me and my four children and he stayed with us in this settlement for two weeks, when he settled us, he took off for his duties with his friends and unfortunately on their way to Bor the rebels attacked them and slaughtered them all.”

Her baby was discharged and that evening she went back to her home in Ranch 37, Cluster H. When they were running away from the war, the child was injured and those are the wounds you can see on the face of the child.