Uganda: Mama Kevina Comprehensive Secondary School Project

Mama Kevina Inter-House Annual Competition: July 2017

July 22, 2017

Each year, the Mama Kevina Comprehensive Seconday School holds a competition for speech, poetry, and dance. This year, the RMF Uganda team was able to live stream several performances over Facebook Live.

The opening program explaining how RMF is liberating human potential in the lives of students at the Mama Kevina School:

The winner of the speech competition: 


A group entry for the cultural song and dance competition:


Another group entry for the cultural song and dance competition: 

A group entry for the poetry competition: 


A group entry for the dance competition: 


Mama Kevina Comprehensive Secondary School was opened in 2006 with international financial support, and with the goal of providing both secondary education and vocational training. The student population is mostly from Northern Uganda where many children have been affected by ongoing wars, floods and HIV/AIDS. Many of the students’ parents were killed by rebels or AIDS which left many of the children as orphans; some boys had been forced to be child soldiers. Enrolled at the school are students ranging in age from 11 to 24, who attend secondary grades 1 to secondary 4.


Support World Children’s Fund Mama Kevina School with the following:

• Food supply for the students and staffs
• Support of the school garden work: planting of the maize, and now they are weeding
• Anti-malarial medication and mosquito net supplies for the students and staff
• Support the school clinic with other medications
• Payment of staff salaries
• Support computer purchases to teach IT skills
• Purchase of text books and other school teaching supplies
• Purchase of office equipment supplies like photocopier, printer, and office furniture
• Facilitate participating in community outreach and inter-house competitions with music, dance, drama, regional games and sports held in partnership with the Tororo District
• Support of infrastructure/constructions projects on campus