Uganda: Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Project

Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Q4 2014 Report

May 27, 2015

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Results &


JICA Partnership

New Classes Introduced

RMF initiated a partnership with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and the Government of South Sudan. In this partnership, new staffs were recruited, additional courses of carpentry and joinery, and bricklaying and concrete practice were introduced.

PVTI Graduation

48 Students Celebrate

48 students graduated successfully from the Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute in December 18, 2014.

10 Tailors

Continued Support, Progress

Continued support of the 10 tailors who started tailoring businesses within Uganda with RMF funding and are progressing in the field.

Support for Schoolchildren

Third Term

3,631 school children were supported for the third term of 2014, including Kenyan, South Sudanese, Rwandan, Burundian, Ugandan IDPs, and Congolese children/students.

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& Objectives


The Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Bweyale, Uganda, is a UNHCR managed refugee settlement that provides shelter, land, and support for more than 100,000 people. They are comprised of refugees from Kenya, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan. RMF has partnered with UNHCR in supporting Kiryandango Refugee Settlement, the surrounding community of Bweyale, and the greater Kiryandongo District (an additional 266,197 people) with health care, education, and vocational training since 2008.


  • To serve as a health care implementation partner with the UNHCR and Ugandan Government
  • To provide health care services to over 100,000 refugees and persons in the community via the Panyadoli Health Centres
  • To provide skills training for South Sudanese refugees to enable them to become self-reliant
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Q4, 2014

3,631 children supported

48 Tailoring and Hairdressing Vocational Training Institute students graduated

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Doreen in her sewing shop

Doreen Aweko

Doreen is very encouraging and inspiring. To start her tailoring business, we gave her a sewing machine and UGX 800,000/= to buy materials as part of her capital. Within six months she had increased her capital to UGX 1,500,000/=, which she has maintained; she is able to make a profit of UGX 100,000/= per month. Sometimes she can make more than that if the season is good, during Christmas or Easter for example, but on average she makes 100,000/= per month in profit. This money helps her support her family and take care of personal needs. She thanks RMF for the capital, something her parents could not give her, and requests for RMF to continue supporting those that are yet to graduate.

Pauline in her sewing shop

Anyango Pauline

Pauline’s business is improving, despite her having some difficulties in the beginning. When she first started, she did not have the business skills or customer care language she needed, but she received business education along the way when it became apparent to us that all of the 10 tailors would benefit. RMF organized trainings so they could learn business skills and customer care which has greatly helped the 10 tailors, not just Pauline. Pauline makes a profit of UGX 110,000/= per month on average, sometimes much more. She uses part of her profit each month to take care of personal needs and the rest to expand her capital. She thanks RMF for supporting her and making a difference in her life. From the time she joined Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute, she has never been the same, and she vows never to be the same again but to progress and commit to her tailoring business for life. What she has accomplished brings a smile to her face and joy to her heart.

Martha Areymo

Martha operates her tailoring business near the market of Bweyale. When you find her there, what you see is a big smile welcoming you. Her dream every day is to perfect her skills in tailoring, she even offers her time and resources to teach some of her friends, which helps her also to perfect her own skills. She buys her tailoring materials from Kampala where things are a little cheaper to maximize profit. She earns a profit of UGX 150,000/= per month on average but when it is the festive season, during Christmas, Easter or the Eid celebrations, for example, she earns up to UGX 300,000/= per month. To the left is Martha with her African wares, mostly known as Bitenge from Congo and West Africa.