Uganda: Vocational Training and Tailoring Shop Program

JICA Delegation Visit: Q4 2017

February 01, 2018

Alphonse Mwanamwolho and Naku Charles Lwanga

Summary of Activities

We continue to provide financial support and guidance for the four departments at RMF’s Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI). During this reporting period, the following accomplishments were achieved:

  • All four departments were provided with adequate training and examination materials during the reporting period, which helped PVTI to conduct training without interruption. Trainees were also provided with safety tools and uniforms.
  • Due to the funding from RMF/WCF, the program is able to attract additional partners. During the reporting period, Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI) received supplementary materials from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). These materials supported training activities and the school office.
  • Instructors’ salaries were paid in a timely manner, which enables PVTI to maintain a highly motivated team.
  • The cleanliness of the school’s premises was maintained by ensuring that the compound was mown and the training workshop and office kept clean.
  • The school participated in a market exhibition for refugees that was held in Kitante, Kampala
  • Follow-up visits were conducted for former trainees who had received startup kits. In this way, the vocational training team was able to provide them with technical support on how to improve their businesses.
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Results &


JICA Delegation Visit

Evaluation Symposium

On November 23, 2017, we concluded our 2017 collaboration with JICA with a simple symposium at Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI). Attendees included PVTI instructors and trainees, JICA delegates, and RMF Uganda administrators. This symposium provided an opportunity to evaluate the successes of the collaboration and areas to be improved. The discussion was followed by displaying the items that have been produced by the trainees and visiting two trainees who had received start up kits in July.

PVTI’s 13th Graduation Ceremony

101 Students Graduated

Of 115 trainees originally accepted for this intake, 102 students completed their training, and 101 took the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) examinations in November and early December, earning certificates and successfully graduating from Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI).

Internships and Training Sessions

Practical Training Provided

Training sessions were effectively conducted and stayed on schedule. Trainees in Bricklaying and Concrete Practice (BCP) successfully completed internships at different construction sites, where they had been assigned for practical training.

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& Objectives


In April 2011, RMF initiated the Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI) at the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement after being presented by the refugee community with issues surrounding the lack of skills and vocational training for students graduating from the settlement high school.
After researching which skills would provide the quickest earning opportunities and the most efficient economic investment requirements for RMF, we narrowed the programs down to:

  • Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy
  • Bricklaying and Concrete Practice
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Tailoring and Garment Cutting


  • To train the refugees with relevant vocational training skills
  • To prepare the refugees for the work world with entrepreneurial skills for both employment and self-employment
  • To prepare refugees with basic skills that they shall use for nation building when returning to their home country
  • To foster a cycle of improved economic stability and opportunity in the region
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101 trainees graduated.