Uganda: Buwate Sports Academy

Holiday Sports Programs Held for Academy Children: Q1 2018

July 07, 2018

Alphonse Mwanamwolho and Naku Charles Lwanga

Summary of Activities
  • Scholastic materials were distributed to all Buwate Sports Academy children going back to school after the long holiday, enabling them to study without interruption.
  • Buwate Sports Academy has greatly impacted the lives of its vocational trainees by contributing funds and purchasing some sewing machines, which enables those students who have finished all levels of their training to start up their own business and generate a daily income.
  • The tailoring department continued to register progress by winning contracts from neighboring schools. Tailoring trainees make school uniforms such as sportswear, skirts, dresses, and shirts, as well as school bags and ladies’ bags and wallets, which help generate income to support the department.
  • Monthly formative meetings were held in the vocational department. During these meetings, the issues discussed include necessary repair and maintenance of existing machines and customer care service techniques.
  • Wages for Buwate Sports Academy support staff were paid promptly, enabling the program to run smoothly.
  • Food and charcoal were purchased so that we could provide the children with a meal during training sessions and away games.
  • The children were safely transported to and from football (American soccer) games outside the academy, such as in Mukono and Mityana, during the reporting period.
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Results &


Holiday Sports Programs

Organizing Games for the Students

Buwate Sports Academy organized and held holiday sports programs for the academy children, including programs in Mukono, Kasawo, and Mityana at Watoto Wasoka. In addition, the academy participated in the Urban Ruler soccer camp in Mukono, where 7 teams participated. Buwate Sports Academy took the overall win.

Graduate Support

Inspiring Former Students

Buwate Sports Academy developed a system of visiting former students who, after completing their training in the vocational department, are now self-employed. This is a way to inspire, empower, and provide technical support to the graduates who are referred to as success stories and to the current trainees who hear their stories.

Students Make Liquid Soap

Funding School Supplies

RMF provided funds for Buwate Sports Academy children to continue making liquid soap as an income generating activity (IGA). The funds generated from this activity were invested in school supplies, such as pens, pencils, mathematical sets, and socks. This training will continue every holiday.

Academy Meetings

Supporting Parental and Community Involvement

Buwate Sports Academy staff and other community stakeholders held a meeting with parents on issues concerning children before reporting back to school, e.g., how to boost their self-esteem, how to improve performance in weak subjects, respecting authorities in school, and improving the teacher-parent relationship.

Tailoring Trainees Save Money

Purchasing Sewing Machines

The vocational department introduced the tailoring trainees to the idea of saving a small sum of money each week. The savings are specifically allotted for purchasing sewing machines for the startup of individual businesses after training has been completed. This proved a success, and at the end of training, the two tailoring trainees each had saved enough money to buy a sewing machine.

National Examination Grades

Passing with Excellent High Scores

School fees were paid for 80 children in Buwate Sports Academy, with funds from RMF. Buwate Sports Academy children received their results for last year’s national examination; they excelled and passed with high scores in division one and two, respectively. Everyone obtained scores to take them to their next level of education.

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& Objectives


In early 2013, RMF, the Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation in Italy (Devoti Madre Terese Per I Bambini) and World Children’s Fund started funding support of the Buwate Sports Academy. Buwate Sports Academy is a sports club and activity group for children living in Buwate village, Kira Town, Kampala District. The Buwate Sports Academy seeks develop the youth advancement component of our humanitarian work through games, sports training, vocational training and other educational opportunities.


  • Provide funding to assist the operations and growth of Buwate Sports Academy
  • Provide funding to allow children from surrounding slums to attend school
  • Provide funding for vocational training opportunities including tailoring, hairdressing, and cosmetology
  • Increase Buwate’s popularity in hopes that this will attract social services from the government and other development partners
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Community Benefactors

About 2,000 persons benefit from the Buwate Sports Academy project, i.e. Buwate, Kireka, Bwyogerere, and Seeta communities.

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Umar Katumba

Producing Furniture

Umar Katumba joined Buwate Sports Academy in the under-13 age category. The academy prepared him well, and after secondary school, he was supported to join Bugema Vocational Institute for a course in carpentry and joinery. He can now produce high-quality furniture, such as the executive bed, pictured above, on which he is currently working.

International Women’s Day

Discussing Domestic Violence

Women’s Day was celebrated by gathering women in the vocational training department to discuss some of the issues affecting them, for instance, domestic violence, which is rampant.

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