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Children Win First Place in Soccer Gala: Q4 2016

February 21, 2017

Naku Charles Lwanga

Summary of Activities
  • The funding from RMF/MTCF enabled Buwate Sports Academy to purchase and distribute scholastic materials to orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Wages for Buwate Sports Academy’s staff were paid in a timely manner, which helped keep the team motivated.
  • Buwate Sports Academy organized holiday programs for the children, including the under-9, the above-10, and the above-12 children.
  • Purchased more essential sports equipment for Buwate Sports Academy, including balls, uniforms, socks, and training jerseys. All this was possible because of the funding from RMF/MTCF.
  • Purchased food and charcoal so that we could provide the children with a meal during training sessions and away games. Buwate Sports Academy was also able to pay its utility bills.
  • Financing from RMF/MTCF was also used to safely transport the children to away games and sports activities.

Project Goal

Develop the youth advancement and economic components of our humanitarian work through games, sports training, vocational training, and other educational opportunities.

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Results &



Team Competitions

Buwate Sports Academy participated in several sports encounters, including Kyambogo, Kiwatule, and Airtel Rising Stars league, as well as other friendly encounters that were held at home.

  • Participated in an away soccer gala conducted at Kiwatule sports grounds. Out of 5 teams that participated, Buwate Sports Academy took 1st place.
  • Participated in a girls’ soccer competition held at Kyambogo. In the final round, Buwate girls played Kanyanya girls, and Buwate emerged victorious: 2-0.
  • The children took part in the Airtel Rising Stars league for children under 12, where our team earned the small trophy and a medal for best player.

Funding Education

Examinations and Scholarships

School fees of children in candidate classes were paid to ensure that they complete their national examinations without interruption:

  • 18 candidates completed primary seven (P7)
  • 8 candidates completed the Uganda Certificate of Education (S4)

School fees were paid for all children on scholarship, enabling them to continue their studies without interruption.

Expanding Academics

Vocational Training

Buwate Sports Academy is promoting livelihood skills through tailoring and hairdressing and beauty therapy classes. This component is expanding with the help of RMF. More than 20 trainees have finished classes in hairdressing and tailoring.

  • Growing the tailoring department: The number of students enrolled in our tailoring classes has increased.
  • Facilitating the hairdressing department: This department has achieved a high turnout rate.

Positive Impressions

Community Impact

Buwate Sports Academy has changed the negative impression that the rest of the city had of Buwate. Buwate was previously known as a slum, an area for criminals. Now Buwate Sports Academy has redefined the area as hub for talented children.

The children know that it is good to be in school, it is not good to be violent, substance abuse is bad, early marriage is not good, etc.

New Hope

A Bright Future

Buwate Sports Academy has given hope to community members. The children in Buwate can now see that it’s possible to succeed in their community.

Additionally, young adults now see the opportunity of vocational training in Buwate, and this has reduced the level of despair among community members, especially the youth.

Relationship Building

Promoting Unity

  • Buwate Sports Academy has united the communities of Kireka, Buwate, Kiira, Seeta, and more. Youths from these communities are working together.
  • The bond of friendship and level of cooperation between Buwate and RMF has grown tremendously.
  • Local political and social leaders have developed an interest in Buwate Sports Academy activities. This is manifested by frequent visits to our office.
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& Objectives


In early 2013, RMF, the Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation in Italy (Devoti Madre Terese Per I Bambini) and World Children’s Fund started funding support of the Buwate Sports Academy. Buwate Sports Academy is a sports club and activity group for children living in Buwate village, Kira Town, Kampala District. The Buwate Sports Academy seeks develop the youth advancement component of our humanitarian work through games, sports training, vocational training and other educational opportunities.


  • Provide funding to assist the operations and growth of Buwate Sports Academy
  • Provide funding to allow children from surrounding slums to attend school
  • Provide funding for vocational training opportunities including tailoring, hairdressing, and cosmetology
  • Increase Buwate’s popularity in hopes that this will attract social services from the government and other development partners
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About 2,000 persons benefit from the Buwate Sports Academy project, i.e. Buwate, Kireka, Bwyogerere, and Seeta communities.

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