Sri Lanka: Palathuduwa Preschool Support

Palathuduwa Preschool Report Q1 2014

April 01, 2014


  • Work with guardians and caretakers to assist in proper caretaking of the children;

  • Educate children in the area to ensure health awareness and proper sanitation;

  • Provide the children with nutritious meals;

  • Educate children about their environment, integrating eco-awareness and outdoor activities into   their routines;

  • Educate them about natural disasters and environmental pollution, including small skills they can utilize to help preserve their surroundings;

  • Diversity education about cultural and ethnic diversity in their community, including exercises aimed at increasing tolerance and understanding of differences;

  • Give lessons to children about modern communication technologies, including the use of mobile phones;

  • Continue Basic English knowledge education in a practical setting.

Achievements this quarter:

  • Welcomed 5 new students

  • Educated the children about the history and purpose of National Day..

  • Educated and practiced typical Sri Lankan games and sports

  • Assisted the parents and guardians of the children to provide better care and protection for their children.

  • Ensured the health and sanitation of the students through regular reminders and education about hand washing, and other hygienic issues.

  • Educated children to live in peace and harmony among the different ethnic groups of their communities.

  • Taught children about modern communication technology and its benefits.

New Students

from top left: A.P. Rashmi Prabodha, U.P. Yasith Nethsara, Manumi Kehansa Warnakulasooriya, L.P. Kavindu Nimsara; H.A. Heshandi Gihara

National Day
The 4th February is National Day for Sri Lankans. Sri lanka won its freedom as a country on 4th February and it is celebrated nationwide. The teachers described to the students that why the day is important for Sri Lankans and the meaning of the national flag.

Sports skills   
Sports and physical activities are an important part of the schools program.  Children are walking with balance on tires in the picture below to learn to balance using their legs and arms.

When they play with a ball they learn that how to pass the ball to their friends, how to use their hands/fingers to catch the ball and how to aim before they pass the ball.