Sri Lanka: Palathuduwa Preschool Support

Palathuduwa Preschool Report Q4 2014

December 31, 2014

Laknima Piyushani

Summary of Activities

Classes and activities continued as planned, providing parents and guardians with support and advice in the proper care of their young children, and providing children with a safe environment, at least one nutritious meal a day, and quality preschool education, including health awareness, eco-awareness, diversity awareness, and basic communication technologies.

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Results &


Children's Day

Children’s Day

Working Together

On October 1st, Children’s Day, our preschool children held a small program with Palathuduwa School’s first-grade students. The teachers of our preschool, together with children’s parents, the Palathuduwa School principal, and the first-grade teacher, organized a competition. As a result, the Children’s Day celebration was a success. Both preschool children and schoolchildren sang songs, and our preschool children dressed up for the activities. Both the teachers and parents held the program to a high standard.

Children's Concert

Annual Concert

Parent Involvement

In December, Palathuduwa Preschool students held their annual concert with their teachers. Parents also helped the success of their children’s concert by decorating the preschool building and organizing refreshments for the guests and children. Our chief guest was Mrs. Minerva Weerasinghe. She arrived early, and the children welcomed her with flowers. The children performed their routines well. Mrs. Minerva brought gifts for the children, which they were happy to receive. Therese, from Palathuduwa Temple, also attended our children’s concert. Before the concert began, teachers and children went to temple and invited her.

Sepalika Jayawarna

Head Teacher Recovers

Students and Staff Reach Out

Sepalika Jayawarna, a 20-year-old widow who lives in Palathuduwa, is the head teacher at Palathuduwa Preschool. Unfortunately, about three months ago Sepalika suffered from dengue fever. The preschool children and another teacher went to visit Sepalika while she was sick and sang some songs for her. She was very happy with their visit. All of the participants wished her to “get well soon.”

Now Sepalika has recovered, and she can be active in her associations and work again. She participates in every special occasion of the village and helps the events run smoothly. We wish her success in all of her activities.

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15 families

The families live in and around the village temple.