South Sudan: RMF UNICEF Malnutrition Treatment and Prevention Program Jonglei State

Six New Operating Sites Established: Q2 2018

October 01, 2018

Odongo Bonny Oryem

Summary of Activities
  • With additional support from OFDA, WFP, and UNICEF our existing Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) centers were maintained, while 6 additional malnutrition treatment and prevention centers were established, all providing quality, lifesaving nutrition interventions.
  • Facilitated the participation of RMF in the joint rapid response mechanism mission conducted by WFP and UNICEF in Ayod County during the reporting quarter.
  • Procured and provided adequate stationery for the OTP/SC/TSFP sites in Ayod and Boma. In addition, RMF fully procured and transported setup items using charter flights for the 6 new sites: 4 in Ayod and 2 in Pibor.
  • Procured and delivered an adequate amount of essential foodstuff for relocated staff members (those recruited from Juba and deployed to Ayod and Boma) where basic commodities are not available.
  • Supported the welfare of relocated nutrition staff members in Ayod and Boma.
  • Procured and provided in-kind support (soaps, salt, and sitting mats) for the infant and young child feeding (IYCF) mother-to-mother support groups at all our sites in both Ayod and Boma.
  • Facilitated routine in-country travel of nutrition staff between Juba and different nutrition centers in Ayod and Boma with UNHAS flights.
  • Through good coordination with the nutrition cluster, logistics cluster, and others, as well as regular UNHAS flights, RMF delivered adequate nutrition supplies to all our sites in Ayod and Boma.
  • Continued facilitation of RMF’s team to participate in coordination activities/meetings at national and state levels.
  • IMA World Health provided and delivered the setup items for the outpatient therapeutic program/targeted supplementary feeding program (OTP/TSFP) center in Wai.
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Results &


New Sites Established

All Programs Supported

With funding from RMF headquarters, 5 new OTP/TSFP sites and 1 new stabilization center were established in the two counties of Ayod and Boma. Maintenance of our Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) sites in Ayod and Boma was facilitated throughout the reporting quarter. The operations of all the nutrition centers were supported in Ayod and Boma.

Nutrition Officers Hired

Training Local Staff

With its own resources, RMF also hired 4 senior nutrition officers to support the setup of the 6 new malnutrition treatment and prevention centers, including the recruitment and training of local staff and County Health Department (CHD) staff.

Children Under Five

Screening and Treatment

  • 12,063 and 5,557 children were screened for signs of acute malnutrition in Ayod and Boma counties, respectively.
  • Of these screened, 496 and 144 severely acute malnourished (SAM) children were identified and referred to OTPs for therapeutic management. 683 and 206 moderately acute malnourished (MAM) children were enrolled in a supplementary feeding program.

Supporting Mothers

Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW)

  • 5,880 and 2,744 PLW were screened for signs of acute malnutrition in Ayod and Boma, respectively. Of those screened, 580 and 234 PLW were enrolled in a supplementary feeding program.
  • 5,381 and 2,592 mothers and caregivers in Ayod and Boma, respectively, received appropriate messages on MIYCN, strengthening malnutrition prevention measures.

Coordinating Resources

Replenishing and Delivering Supplies

Nutrition supplies continued to be replenished in all our CMAM sites through the logistics cluster and regular UNHAS-operated aircraft.

With good coordination, UNOCHA, WFP, UNHAS, and the nutrition cluster supported RMF with helicopter flights, which dropped off and picked up our setup team.

RMF chartered 2 flights to deliver setup items for the 6 new sites and 1 additional charter flight to deliver a stabilization center tent.

Supporting Communication

New Wi-Fi Sites Installed

  • Continued support of high-speed Wi-Fi internet service in the Juba office and in Jiech and Boma, as well as installing the service in 2 additional sites, Gorwai and Mogok.
  • Continued to support the satellite phone services through payment of monthly subscription fees in those hard to reach areas where RMF works and where routine phone services are not available. This enhances communication and coordination of RMF’s programs and program sites.
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Patients Served This Quarter:

In Ayod

  • Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) Children – 2,108
  • Moderately Acute Malnourished (MAM) Children – 4,888
  • Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) – 1,596

In Boma

  • Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) Children – 2,422
  • Moderately Acute Malnourished (MAM) Children – 1,679
  • Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) – 448
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