South Sudan: Health eVillages Technology in Healthcare Program

Remodeled Antenatal Care Department Now Open: November 2015 – January 2016

February 18, 2016

Dr. Taban Martin Vitale

Summary of Activities

During this reporting period RMF helped with infrastructural improvement of the Antenatal Care Unit through partitioning, painting and installation of air conditioning and plumbing system. RMF procured and delivered basic furniture like chairs and office tables. There was a continued mentorship of the nurses/midwives working in ANC Department on the proper usage of HeV tablets preloaded with medical information. Also a continued support of high WIFI internet services in Maternity Unit which also benefit those in ANC Department. they continued implementation of the Respectful Maternity Care training and approach and completed Maternal Near-Miss Audit for Juba Teaching Hospital.

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Results &


new chairs being assembled

Remodeling Completed

Now Open

The remodeling and refurbishment work of Antenatal Care Department was successfully completed and the building now opened for routine ANC services. New furniture was provided for clients in waiting areas and for the health care providers.

man providing medical treatment for woman


Improving Quality of Care

The nurses/midwives, doctors and consultants serving in the Antenatal Care Unit continued to benefit from the internet services provided in the maternity unit, hence improving quality of service delivery since staff is able to do reference checks.

woman telling midwife health history

Remodel Provides Privacy

Women Are Comfortable

Waiting rooms and examination rooms are now separated by barriers allowing midwives to talk to patients privately about their medical history. Privacy allows the women to open up more and give the doctors a better sense of what their health care needs are.

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& Objectives


In addition to funding for a full-time physician, Health eVillages, which provides iPods®, iPads® and other handheld devices equipped with specialized references and clinical decision support tools to medical professionals, will deliver 30-50 mobile devices pre-loaded with clinical content each year to nursing graduates. Having this best-practice clinical information available at the point of care will help overtaxed medical personnel deliver high-quality patient care as effectively as possible in a challenging clinical environment.


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November 1st, 2015 – January 31st, 2016

1,300 pregnant women and 144 of their male partners benefit from the services provided at the ANC monthly

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waiting room given health education HIV testing room

Increase in Number of Patients

The improved Antenatal Care Department has changed the face of the maternity department and maternity care at Juba Teaching Hospital. The pregnant women, their partners and the healthcare providers are comfortable delivering in a clean and well organized environment.

There is reduced waiting time as there are three well furnished examination rooms compared to one before the renovation by RMF/HeV. This has a positive effect as the women getting quality services are encouraging the community to come to JTH hence spreading the good news by word-of-mouth and improving the overall pregnancy outcomes.

The remodel has also helped provide privacy for the women. The remodeled Antenatal Care Department has three furnished examination rooms which ensures privacy, and this encourages women to share with the healthcare providers some of the pregnancy related complications which plays a significant role in the outcome of their pregnancies.

There is now an adequate waiting area for conducting health education which is positively influencing the pregnancy outcomes and also encouraging family planning services. On average about 1,300 pregnant women and 144 of their male partners received services from the Antenatal Care Unit and this number will in all probability increase due to improved services and word-of-mouth by the women and their families.

There is now space for pre- and post-test counseling of the pregnant women and their partners. Hundreds of women continued to receive better and quality care as information is readily available with the use of HeV tablets. The JCONAM students now have space for learning and interacting with the pregnant women, tutors and the ANC midwives.