South Sudan: RMF UNICEF Malnutrition Treatment and Prevention Program Jonglei State

RMF Founder and CEO Dr. Martina Fuchs Visits Field Sites: Q3 2018

November 18, 2018

Odongo Bonny Oryem

Summary of Activities
  • With additional support from OFDA, WFP, and UNICEF, our 12 existing Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) centers were maintained and continued to provide quality, lifesaving nutrition interventions.
  • With support from RMF headquarters, all our CMAM sites in both Ayod and Boma were fully funded in terms of operating costs throughout the reporting quarter.
  • Facilitated the maintenance of our CMAM sites in Ayod and Boma throughout the reporting quarter.
  • Supported the operations of all the nutrition centers in Ayod and Boma.
  • Facilitated the participation of RMF in the joint rapid response mechanism mission conducted by WFP and UNICEF in Ayod County during the reporting quarter.
  • Procured and provided adequate stationery for the OTP/SC/TSFP sites in Ayod and Boma.
  • Continued to support satellite phone services through payment of monthly subscription fees in those hard to reach areas where RMF works and where routine phone services are not available. This enhances communication and coordination of RMF’s programs and program sites.
  • Procured and delivered an adequate amount of essential foodstuffs for RMF’s relocated staff members (those recruited from Juba and deployed to Ayod and Boma) where basic commodities are not available.
  • Supported the welfare of relocated nutrition staff members in Ayod and Boma.
  • Procured and provided in-kind support (soaps, salt, and sitting mats) for the infant and young child feeding (IYCF) mother-to-mother support groups at all our sites in both Ayod and Boma.
  • Facilitated routine in-country travel of nutrition staff between Juba and different nutrition centers in Ayod and Boma with UNHAS flights.
  • Through good coordination with the nutrition cluster, logistics cluster, and others, as well as regular UNHAS flights, RMF delivered adequate nutrition supplies to all our sites in Ayod and Boma.
  • Continued support of high-speed Wi-Fi internet service in the Juba office, as well as the field sites in Jiech, Boma, Gorwai, and Mogok, to enable easy communication and coordination.
  • Continued facilitation of RMF’s team to participate in coordination activities/meetings at national and state levels.
  • Facilitated the visit of RMF Founder and CEO Dr. Martina Fuchs to the country (South Sudan); in addition to our operations in Juba, she visited RMF field operations in Boma, inspiring our teams.
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Results &


12 Nutrition Sites

Fully Operational

With support from RMF headquarters and the Rapid Response Fund, 12 existing nutrition sites were maintained in the counties of Ayod and Pibor.

All of RMF’s malnutrition treatment and prevention centers in Ayod and Boma are fully operational, providing effective OTP, SC, TSFP, MIYCN, and community outreach services within the reporting quarter.

Staying Connected

Internet and Phones

RMF’s field teams in Jiech and Boma continued to benefit from the internet services provided in coordination with CMD and VSF, which have a mutual agreement with RMF for the service.

Monthly payment of Thuraya (satellite telephone) subscription fees enabled effective communication and coordination. RMF also continued to support the 4 additional Thuraya phones acquired during the previous quarter.


Supplies and Encouragement

RMF chartered 2 commercial flights to transport RMF Founder and CEO Dr. Martina Fuchs and Juba staff to field sites in Pibor, as well as airlifting supplies from one location to another to ensure continuity of service.

Dr. Fuchs and RMF’s Juba team were very happy to deliver midwife kits from Direct Relief International (DRI), along with nutrition supplies for our field locations.


New Clothing and Signboards

RMF South Sudan’s nutrition program, with support from its headquarters, has printed and distributed RMF branded clothing to its team members. This has increased visibility for the organization and made it easier to identify RMF staff among the communities. Signboards have also been printed and installed at all nutrition centers.

Identifying Needs

Providing Help

16,827 and 9,893 children under 5 were screened for signs of acute malnutrition during the third quarter of 2018 in Ayod and Boma counties, respectively.

642 and 194 severely acute malnourished (SAM) children were identified and referred to OTPs in Ayod and Boma, respectively, for therapeutic management during this reporting quarter.

Supporting Women

Celebration and Education

RMF and UNICEF supported Pibor County’ in celebrating 2018 World Breastfeeding Week.

11,876 and 8,765 mothers and caregivers in Ayod and Boma, respectively, received appropriate messages on MIYCN, strengthening malnutrition prevention measures.

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Total Children Under 5 Screened

July to September 2018

26,720 children screened

  • 16,827 in Ayod
  • 9,893 in Boma

Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) Children Treated

July to September 2018

836 SAM children

  • 642 in Ayod
  • 194 in Boma

Moderately Acute Malnourished (MAM) Children Treated

July to September 2018

2,152 MAM children

  • 1,674 in Ayod
  • 478 in Boma

Total Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLW) Enrolled in Supplementary Feeding Program

July to September 2018

1,987 PLW with malnutrition

  • 1,519 in Ayod
  • 468 in Boma