Nigeria: Healthcare Project, Gure

Gure Health Centre Inspires Confidence: December 2018

February 23, 2019

Dr. Ufuoma Ejughemre and Deanna Boulard

Adama Hajara with other Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) and health staff during a routine immunization day at the health facility

Adama Hajara with other Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) and health staff during a routine immunization day at the health facility


Health Centre Improved, Shift to Outreach

Real Medicine Foundation has been active in Nigeria since 2006, first working to provide pediatric care to the estimated 15,000 young children living in the shantytown of Makoko in Lagos State. Supported by World Children’s Fund (WCF) and in partnership with the Kwara State Ministry of Health, the Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC), and the Gure Gwassoro Ward Development Committee, we then began working to improve access to primary health care in one of the most remote areas of Nigeria: the community of Gure in Kwara State.

Gure is located near Nigeria’s border with the Republic of Benin, and before RMF’s arrival in 2009, its only health center, Gure Model Health Centre, had been abandoned. RMF helped reopen, improve, and support the Gure Model Health Centre, providing the only source of accessible health care for a population of over 154,000 in the Baruteen Local Government Area and its surrounding towns. The health center also receives patients who travel to Gure from the Republic of Benin to seek medical treatment.

Until mid-2015, RMF supported the improvement and operation of Gure Model Health Centre, and in October 2016, we shifted our focus to health outreach. We provide free clinics and education sessions primarily for women, children, and the elderly. Through these outreach clinics, RMF aims to reach underserved, vulnerable community members with education, primary health care, maternal, and child health care.

Project Update

Health Outreaches Have Longstanding Benefits on Community

After RMF’s health outreach during July 9–13, 2018, where we provided free healthcare services to over 800 people from Gure and surrounding communities in partnership with the staff of Gure Model Health Centre, the community continues to benefit from RMF’s support:

  • Medications from the outreach provide an ongoing drug supply chain, which enables Gure Model Health Centre to provide some subsidized services and improves vulnerable community members’ access to quality services at this level of care.
  • The health outreaches improve confidence in Gure Model Health Centre. Most primary healthcare centers in Nigeria are dysfunctional, but Gure Model Health Centre has continued to inspire confidence in the people of Gure and environs because of the availability of drugs and other commodities for the delivery of primary healthcare services.
  • Improved confidence in the health center has helped improve continuous utilization of maternal health services (antenatal, delivery, and postnatal services), immunization and other child health services, as well as outpatient service delivery.

Notably, health service utilization is highest during RMF outreaches (as seen in the month of July) due to increased health promotion activities, supplies, and healthcare professionals available during that time. With additional funding, RMF Nigeria will be able to provide additional support, including more outreach events and supplies, and
we hope one day to support the infrastructure and staff of Gure Model Health Centre once more.

With support from RMF, an average of 30 children are immunized every Thursday at Gure Model Health Centre, effecting significant improvements in infant and child morbidity and mortality in the region.

Clinician checking Hafisu’s blood pressure

Clinician checking Hafisu’s blood pressure

Success Story

Hafisu Abdullahi

Hafisu Abdullahi is a 45-year-old pepper trader diagnosed with high blood pressure of 190/100 mmHg (incidental hypertension finding). She is currently on antihypertensive medication and attends regular check-ups at the clinic. Her blood pressure is now reported within normal limits.

CHEW Adama treating Hadiza

CHEW Adama treating Hadiza

Success Story

Hadiza Aminat

Hadiza Aminat, a 22-year-old woman who works as a food hawker, was treated for vaginal spotting during her fourth week of pregnancy. She was kept on bed rest for 12 hours and was placed on analgesics and fluid therapy. Hadiza was subsequently discharged by 7:00 PM on the same day. She is doing well and currently attending antenatal visits. Her pregnancy has now reached the tenth week.

  • Human capacity building and upgrade of the clinic for better health care delivery
  • Provide regular medicines and medical supplies to the clinic
  • Provide support to existing medical personnel
  • Investigate solar electrical supply
  • Borehole for drinking water and water to clinic
  • Review urgent needs to increase the quantity of patients treated and quality of treatment
  • Prepare larger project quotes for capacity improvement (solar power/ borehole drilling)

Nigeria has the 4th lowest survival rate of children under five out of 191 countries, a child mortality rate of 140 of 1000, and a maternal mortality rate accounting for 10% of the global burden of maternal deaths.

Real Medicine Foundation has partnered with the Kwara State Ministry of Health, The Nigerian Youth Service Corps and Gure Gwassoro Ward Development Committee to support the long abandoned Gure Model Health Center. Situated near the Nigerian/Benin Republic border, the clinic is the only access to healthcare for a population of 154,376 in the Baruteen Local Government area and its surrounding towns. RMF has been funding facility upgrades, providing medicines, medical equipment, and local staff to increase and strengthen its capacity to deliver best practice western medicine and critical maternal child health care services.