Kenya: Improving the Nutritional Status of Vulnerable Families and HIV-Affected Individuals through Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse Producing Success: Q1 2019

June 10, 2019

Emma Fredah Kiriungi and Rose Boisabi Masega

Project beneficiaries at work

Project beneficiaries at work

Livelihood Project


The livelihood program has registered good progress. Crops are growing well, and we will be preparing markets for beneficiaries to sell their produce. The aim of this program is to eradicate malnutrition among HIV clients at Lodwar County & Referral Hospital (formerly Lodwar District Hospital) and food-insecure, vulnerable families in the area.

The project is off to an excellent start, and our team has been encouraged by its progress, as well as the high motivation and dedication of beneficiaries in their work to provide for themselves and their families. By April 2019, we will be preparing markets to sell the vegetables so that in addition to growing food for their own consumption, beneficiaries can start generating income to support themselves.

  • Improve the nutrition status of HIV-infected and affected families
  • Provide a long-term, sustainable livelihood and food security solution
  • Build capacity, infrastructure, and confidence within the local community

RMF has been active in the drought region of Turkana County, Kenya since 2009, initially providing emergency relief, and continuing to improve the quality and accessibility of health care in the region. Despite our efforts and those of the Kenyan government and other organizations, 80% of households in Turkana remained food insecure in 2015, and undernourishment continued to negatively affect the health and livelihoods of HIV-positive community members (6.5% HIV prevalence in men and 10.8% HIV prevalence in women as of 2014).

In January 2017, RMF initiated our greenhouse farming project, which targets 150 households, primarily those of HIV-positive women and mothers of childbearing age who seek treatment at Lodwar County & Referral Hospital. Through this livelihood pilot program, RMF aims to provide a long-term, sustainable solution to undernourishment, food insecurity, and limited livelihood skills among HIV-positive women and mothers, as well as their families, in Turkana County, Kenya.