Uganda: Panyadoli Healthcare Project

New Dental Services Provided: Q3 2019

November 18, 2019

Sylvia Nakiirya and Daniel Wakibi

Summary of Activities
  • Received an emergency supply of medicines from RMF: 3,595 ampules of quinine, 150 vials of ceftriaxone, 50 packs of metronidazole, 550 blood giving sets, and surgical gloves.
  • Received a consignment of assorted Ebola supplies from the RMF procurement team.
  • Received a consignment of mosquito nets that are currently being distributed to mothers attending antenatal appointments and children being immunized.
  • Commenced blood transfusion at Panyadoli Health Centre III: 52 clients have benefited from blood transfusion services so far.
  • Commenced emergency cesarean section operations: 10 mothers have successfully been operated on so far.
  • The team distributed 155 bicycles to VHTs to ease their movement in the community. These were supplied by UNHCR.
  • Participated in the District Nutrition Coordination Committee (DNCC) meeting, where the emphasis was placed on the utilization of fortified foods.
  • Partners successfully commemorated World Breastfeeding Week, both in the settlement and host community.
  • Construction of an Isolation unit at Panyadoli Health Centre III and a perimeter fence at Panyadoli Hills Health Centre II commenced.
  • Fumigation was carried out at Panyadoli Health Centre III, and the facility and staff quarters are now free of bats.
  • 20 volunteers were recruited to help in carrying out sexual and reproductive health activities in the community.
  • Transportation was provided to clients suffering from war-related illnesses and injuries, allowing them to access medical rehabilitation: 76 (59 female and 17 male) clients were South Sudanese refugees, 14 (9 female and 5 male) clients were from the host community, 1 (male) client was a Congolese refugee, and 1 (male) client was a Kenyan refugee.
  • The mental health department continues to conduct community sensitization outreaches on mental illness. The community was sensitized on the prevention of mental illness and relapses and educated on how to provide support by referring cases to a health facility.
  • The health facility was maintained and cleaned, ensuring that the compound, wards, offices, common areas, and the entire facility are hygienic and conducive to healing and working.
  • Continued to facilitate integrated outreaches. During these outreaches, community members are empowered with preventive health strategies and knowledge concerning malaria, HIV/AIDS, and more.
  • Continuous immunization of all under-5 children living in and around the settlement was implemented through the health facilities and outreach activities.
  • Facilitated the disease surveillance team to strengthen disease surveillance activities in the settlement and surrounding areas, especially with the measles outbreak.
  • Continued facilitating demonstration gardens at Panyadoli Health Centre III as part of our growing Nutrition department.
  • 240 in-kind blankets from UNHCR were distributed to the mother-baby pairs.
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Results &


Improved Lab Services

Wide Range of Testing Provided

In partnership with the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI), RMF has improved laboratory services at Panyadoli Health Centre III. The laboratory now offers a wider range of tests and performs them effectively. These include hepatitis B, hemoglobin estimation, blood grouping, urine gram stain, urinalysis, stool tests, and ZN stain.

Training on Kitchen Gardening

Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN)

Training was conducted for health workers on MCHN, with the goal of helping them understand that nutrition services can be provided even without specialized nutritious foods. A 3-day training on kitchen gardening was conducted for 4 nutrition volunteers and 6 lead mothers to provide them with important skills that they can pass on to other caregivers in the community.

ART Clinics

Reducing the Spread of HIV/AIDS

The ART clinics have been conducted continuously, condoms have been distributed, and opportunistic infections properly managed with survivors assisted and supported. Communities have been sensitized on prevention, care, and protection against discrimination and stigma. ART Clinic staff attend to patient files to ensure good documentation and recordkeeping for follow-ups with their patients.

Medical & Dental Care

New Services Provided

The health program has contributed to the health status of the district through the improvement of existing services and the introduction of new services. We have introduced dental services at the health center, and the Operating Theatre is now fully functional; thus, we are able to carry out minor operations at the health center. This has continued to significantly reduce referrals to other health centers in and around the settlement.


Continuously Provided Healthcare

Services Are Saving Lives

Lifesaving medical treatment and preventive health services were continuously provided to the refugee and host communities through outpatient, inpatient, maternity, nutrition, ART, and outreach services. All patients that came to the health centers were treated, and those whose conditions were beyond the capacity of the health facilities were referred accordingly.

Data Collection Improves

Feedback Granted to Staff

This quarter, RMF strengthened data collection and processing in all health centers of the settlement by ensuring that every health center has an RMF staff member in charge of data. This enables us to have our reports prepared on time. Here, the data team, headed by Data Manager Francis Okodi, provides feedback to staff about the performance of different departments during the previous quarters.

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& Objectives


The Panyadoli Health Centres, located in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement near Bweyale, Uganda, provide healthcare services to over 100,000 refugees from Kenya, South Sudan, DR Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda, as well as members of the host community.


  • Provide medicine, medical supplies, and medical support
  • Support the Health Management Information System Maintenance (staff and petrol supply)
  • Maintain hygiene at clinic to Best Practice Western Medicine standards
  • Enhance existing structures for Malnutrition ward and main center
  • Provide cooking materials such as charcoal stoves, saucepans, utensils, etc.
  • Upkeep and renovation of the health center through periodic re-painting and re-plastering.
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Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
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Patients Assessed and Treated

Quarterly Total: 40,030

  • 36,355 outpatients
  • 3,675 in-patients