Serbia: Mobile Medical Clinic

Mobile Medical Clinic Provided 2,595 Health Consultations : Q2 2018

November 01, 2018

Dr. Dragana Marković, Dr Milica Radonjić, Dr. Julija Ljuština, Milan Pantelić, Stevan Ilijevski

Summary of Activities

Since January 2016, RMF Serbia has been responding to the refugee crisis in Serbia by providing comprehensive protection and medical services to persons of concern. Our teams began by working 24/7 throughout the Belgrade city center. Once most refugees/migrants in the area were relocated to refugee camps, RMF Serbia and its medical services moved to the camps along with our patients.

During this Quarter:

  • Continued to support the work of Danish Refugees Council (DRC) in Obrenovac by providing medicines and medical staff. Our medical staff within DRC performed 1,784 health consultations.
  • Provided interpretation and translation services to refugees at Obrenovac Reception and Transit Center and in the Belgrade city center.
  • Continued to support the Institute of Public Health of Serbia, the Ministry of Health, relevant health institutions, and partner NGOs in the coordination of healthcare provision.
  • Continued to participate in monthly health cluster meetings in Belgrade, conducted by the Ministry of Health and supported by the World Health Organization and the heads of Serbian health centers. At the meetings, we assessed and discussed medical needs, priorities, and service gaps for this period as well as next year in an effort to build the capacity of health systems to respond to the refugee and migrant situation.
  • Participated in weekly coordination meetings conducted in Obrenovac by the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration and supported by all organizations working at the Obrenovac Reception and Transit Centre: Save the Children, Center for Youth Integration, Caritas, Oxfam, Danish Refugee Council, SOS Children’s Villages, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, and International Organization for Migration.
  • Participated in meetings with the Director of Obrenovac Health Centre as needed.
  • Communicated with the Institute for Public Health through weekly reports.
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Results &


EU Serbia MMC Q3 2018 04


159 People

During this three-month period, RMF referred and transported 159 people to primary, secondary, and tertiary medical care facilities in Belgrade and Obrenovac. Transportation and escort services to healthcare institutions continue to be a key challenge for the Ministry of Health and Commissariat for Refugees and Migration. RMF Serbia is the only organization at Obrenovac Transit Centre which is providing these services for refugees and migrants.

EU Serbia MMC Q3 2018 02

Health Services

Medical Coverage

Performed a total of 4,379 health consultations in the Obrenovac camp and the Belgrade city center in collaboration with partner organizations.

RMF doctors performed 2,595 health consultations at the Mobile Medical Clinic.

EU Serbia MMC Q3 2018 03

Supporting Staff

Providing Care

Staff provided primary healthcare services from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM, seven days a week. By providing a medical team consisting of two doctors, one cultural mediator/translator, and two drivers, up to 30 to 60 health consultations can be facilitated per shift, as well as referrals to secondary and tertiary care facilities.

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& Objectives


RMF provides primary healthcare and emergency triage services at our Obrenovac Transit Centre mobile medical clinic from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM, 5 days a week. The work is implemented by a medical team consisting of 1 to 2 doctors, 1 cultural mediator/translator, and 2 drivers. This ensures that emergency cases arriving at the clinic can immediately access referrals to secondary and tertiary care facilities. By providing primary healthcare services, referrals, and cultural mediation, RMF improves the wellbeing of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers in Belgrade and Obrenovac.


  • Improve the health status and overall wellbeing of refugees in Obrenovac Reception and Transit Centre and greater Belgrade.
  • Provide medical and translation services to refugees and act as cultural mediators for them at public institutions in Serbia.
  • Refer, transport, and escort refugees and asylum seekers to secondary and tertiary medical care facilities in Belgrade.
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Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
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Quarterly Total

4,379 Health Consultations

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Dr. Milosavljević is checking Zahir in RMF clinic Zahir with RMF doctor Dr. Milosavljević

M. Zahir Sait

Skin Infection

M. Zahir Sait, a 25-year-old from Pakistan, obtained a gluteal region skin infection on his journey to Europe around four months ago. Poor hygiene and lack of medical assistance have worsened the infection, and it started to impact his daily life. When he came to our mobile clinic to seek medical assistance, he was in very poor condition. He could barely walk, he couldn’t sit or lay on his back comfortably, and he was mere days from falling into sepsis. However, the commitment, selfless care, and consistent efforts of our medical team led to the great improvement of his general health condition, which now can be easily observed by the big smile on his face. He is currently recovering at Obrenovac Transition and Reception Center before continuing his trip to a brighter future in Western Europe.

Patient Ibrar Sahel in RMF Mobile Medical Clinic

Ibrar Sahel


Ibrar Sahel, a 19-year-old from Pakistan, was brought to our clinic unconscious and convulsing in September 2018. His friends told us that he had similar seizures previously in Turkey and Pakistan, but that he had never been treated for his condition. Ibrar received immediate medical care in our clinic and was referred to a neurologist. The therapy Ibrar received improved his condition, and he has not had any seizures ever since. However, the exact cause of his disease remains unknown, and further diagnostics are required. In the meantime, Ibrar will remain under the continuous medical supervision of our team.

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