Serbia: Mobile Dental Clinic

Final Stages of Construction: Q1 2018

May 31, 2018

Marjan al Mahamid, N’Deane Helajzen, Žarko Stanić, Dr. Andrijana Ljubojević, Dr. Dragana Marković, Dr. Daniel Pejković, Dr. Jovana Milić, Dr. Nataša Benović, Dr. Milica Radonjić, and Dr. Mina Novaković

Mobile Dental Clinic

Clinic Vehicle Imported

The importation of the mobile clinic vehicle was completed in the second half of January 2018. Building commenced on January 29 and was completed on March 22. Our team made weekly site visits to the city of Niš, which is a 7- hour drive round-trip from Belgrade, to assess progress during this period.

Insufficient dental care access and poor oral hygiene are leading to other health complications for refugees. RMF mobile dental clinic is in the final stages of construction and will help to meet this need.

  • Provide comprehensive dental care for all refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers in Obrenovac Reception and Transition Centre.
  • Inform project beneficiaries about the importance of oral hygiene and educate them on best oral hygiene practices.

In order to address the urgent need for comprehensive dental care among refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers at Obrenovac Reception and Transit Centre, RMF Balkans opened a mobile dental clinic, the first of its kind in Serbia.

The RMF-supported dentist and dental nurse see 20 to 30 patients per day and perform preventive examinations, fillings, extractions, repairs, and other treatments. The dental team is also dedicated to educating project beneficiaries on the importance of oral hygiene.