Jim "Mr. Jim" Kinhan

Jim "Mr. Jim" Kinhan is a trained clinical social worker who has practiced his profession in a variety of child and family focused clinical settings in NYC and Westchester county, in Southern Colorado and in N.H. After 50 years of clinical work Mr. Jim retired and assumed several volunteer "jobs", most richly as a classroom volunteer in a neighborhood elementary school (honored as an Outstanding School Volunteer). His clinical work has always brought him into multiple clinical interfaces and collaboration with community agencies such as schools, Headstart, home health agencies, local Red Cross Chapter, and "soup" kitchens etc. As a school volunteer for seven years, "I have learned how to be a therapeutic person/agent within the classroom without the trappings of office, just being present and sharing the trust and love of children," mused Mr. Jim.

  • Primary partner in Human Dynamics Associates
  • Practiced his clinical counseling in a private setting for 50 years (starting in 1975)
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