Miloš Macura

Program Manager, Balkans

Miloš Macura started working with RMF in Serbia as a Medical Assistance Officer in 2016. Based on his work, he was promoted to Logistics and Procurement Officer in 2017, and since July 2018, Miloš has been in the position of RMF Balkans’ Program Manager. He is responsible for project optimization (coordination and supervision of projects and employees, scheduling, and formulating work plans) and organizing the management and execution of logistics activities (procurement of goods and coordination with suppliers). Miloš is also in charge of the efficient use of business assets (execution of project tasks, monitoring the budget, and control of donated funds), as well as expenditures in the widest sense (execution of procurement according to the prices defined in the budget).

Miloš is glad to be a part of RMF’s work supporting refugees.

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