Wilfred Mambo

Security Officer

Wilfred is a Security Officer working with RMF in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. He is experienced in protecting property and lives. After completing his Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) in 2011, Wilfred joined Secure Solutions Security Company Limited where, after successful methodical training, he was retained in the same company as a security officer. During his time of service in this company he was deployed to guard different government and private installations such as schools, hospitals, telecom masts, factories, banks, private homes, etc. Wilberforce has many security skills including: guarding skills, CCT monitor skills, attendance skills and VIP protection skills among others. In RMF Wilberforce is in charge of protecting RMF property as well contributing to the entire security of the settlement with other security stakeholders. Besides security skills, Wilfred has computer skills. During his free time he likes watching soccer, learning about new things and making friends. Wilfred speaks English, Kiswahili and Lugabara.

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