Richard Kato Ssebunya

Director, Buwate Sports Academy

Richard Kato Ssebunya is part of RMF’s Uganda team, and serves as the Director of RMF’s Buwate Sports Academy, located at the periphery of Kampala City. Richard is an experienced soccer player. During his youth, he did not concentrate on formal education; instead he focused on soccer because his dream was to become an international soccer player. Although he did not achieve an international level, he was able to make it to the national level and became one of the best players of the Kampala City Council soccer team. When he retired from active playing, he started Buwate Sports Academy so that the young people from the slum areas of Buwate, Kireka, Seeta, and Kiira would have an opportunity of training in professional soccer. Richard is very passionate about working with the children and youth in Buwate.

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