Godfrey Zalambi

Compound Cleaner

Godfrey is in charge of maintaining the compound at Panyadoli Health Centre III. He is also the custodian of all tools and supplies used by all Sanitary Officers. Godfrey holds a Uganda Certificate of Education obtained from Green Fields High School -Mayuge. When he completed his ordinary level, Godfrey was employed by Mayuge Sugar Industry as one of the Internal Security Officers. He excelled in this position and won the confidence of the Managing Director who put him in charge of the weighing section, one of the most sensitive positions of the factory that requires someone of the highest integrity. In this position Godfrey was responsible for confirming the exact quantities of raw materials entering the factory and quantities of finished goods leaving the factory as well as verifying any another items entering or leaving the factory. Godfrey held this position until he joined RMF in July 2014. During his leisure time Godfrey loves playing and watching soccer and following international news. He speaks English, Luganda and Lusoga.

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