Eva Nabirye MA, BA

Program Officer, Bidibidi Refugee Settlement

Eva holds a Master of Arts in Economic Policy Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and a Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation, all from Makerere University. She has vast experience in program development, research, and public policy making, and she is very interested in issues related to refugees, child protection, climate change, gender, knowledge management, communication, and community development.

Eva worked as a program officer for the Association of Uganda Professional Women in Agriculture and Environment (AUPWAE), where she gained extensive knowledge of fundraising, networking, and innovative project management. She joined RMF’s team as Program Officer, Bidibidi Refugee Settlement and remains a key member of the National Climate Change Capacity Building Committee of Uganda under the Ministry of Water and Environment. Eva excels at project coordination, and it is her goal to address some of the perennial challenges that face people in developing economies.

Eva believes in RMF’s core values of respect and dignity, serving others, and working as a team. She is also passionate about empowering people in need.

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