Dianah Kharuri BA

School Counselor, History Teacher

Dianah Kharuri teaches history and CRE at WCF Mama Kevina Comprehensive Secondary School in Tororo. She is also a school counselor, especially helping female students cope with physical and emotional challenges in puberty as well as career choices. Dianah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in education from Makerere University, Kampala. She previously taught history and CRE at Millennium Universal College in Tororo, and at Rock High School in Tororo. She has a diverse experience in teaching that encompasses more than ten years, including sports, netball, football, and general physical education. Dianah is a widow with four children under ten years of age. She speaks English, Kiswahili, Lugisu, and Luganda. She likes reading and spending time with her children.

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