Devis Dadau

Laboratory Assistant

Devis is an RMF Laboratory Assistant at the Panyadoli Health Centre III in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. Having completed his secondary education, Devis attended the Kiwoko Medical Laboratory Institute Luwero, where he obtained a Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology. Devis then worked as a laboratory assistant and lab supervisor at Ruth Gaylord Hospital, under Hope Medical Clinics. He also worked with the Saidina Abubakar Islamic Hospital, under the Islamic Medical Association of Uganda.

Devis likes reading medical journals during his free time and making new friends. He is very passionate about laboratory work and has the ambition to take his career to a higher level. In addition to English, Davis speaks Palou (his mother tongue), Alur, Langi, Luganda, Acholi, Lunyoro, and Kiswahili.

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