Marija Cvejić MA

Global Development Coordinator

Marija Cvejić joined RMF’s team in March 2019 as Global Development Coordinator, and she is based in Serbia. Before joining with RMF, Marija earned her master’s degree in international security at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, and had been working with victims of human trafficking and gender-based violence in Serbia since 2014. Previously, she worked as a researcher focused on the topics of human rights, gender equality, and social inclusion, writing publications, analysis, and policy papers on a national and international level.

Marija is a feminist activist who believes that the power of civil society movements is the key element in fighting gender inequality. In addition to working for RMF, Marija uses part of her vacation each year to volunteer for the causes she believes in. She is a yoga lover and writes poems in her spare time.

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