Adnan Khan

Field Supervisor, Swat Health Project

Adnan graduated from the University of Malakand, after which he obtained a diploma as a health technician from the Medical Section of the University of Peshawar. He further enhanced his qualifications with a 1-year diploma in dispensing from the Skill Development Council, Islamabad. His work experience started as a health promoter for Merlin International’s project in Swat, as an EPI Technician for ARC International. After a stint in the Population Welfare Department, Swat, he moved into health technology in the Saidu Group of the Teaching Hospital of Saidu Sharif, Swat.

Adnan first volunteered with RMF during the distribution of relief goods for Swat earthquake victims and also volunteered his time with the Swat Health Clinic. We soon took him on full-time as Medical Technician in our Swat Health Clinic, but his amazing administrative abilities made him our first choice as the field supervisor for the housing project in Swat.

After the completion of the housing project, Adnan was taken on as the Male Project Coordinator for the winterization project. Today, with the successful close of the winterization project, Adnan is now Field Supervisor of the Swat Health Project.

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