Rusa Giri

Registered Nurse

Rusa Giri is from Bauddha, Kathmandu, and she is a nurse registered with the Nepal Nursing Council. Rusa completed her Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) in Nursing, first division, at the Nepal Institute of Health Science Bauddha in 2016. She then began volunteering as a registered nurse in the medical ward of Kanti Children’s Hospital.

Rusa is now an RMF Nurse working in the medical ward of Kanti Children’s Hospital, and her duty is to receive the admitted children from different sources, assess the children, formulate nursing diagnoses according to the assessment, implement care, and evaluate the effectiveness of her care. It is also Rusa’s responsibility to assist the senior nurses and doctors with different procedures, keep record of inventories at the ward, and be ready for any emergency. Rusa expects to learn much from the rich sources of knowledge available in the hospital, which will help her to grow in both her personal and professional journey.

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