Pushpa Khadka

Registered Nurse

Pushpa Khadka is a registered staff nurse with varied experiences in the public health sector in Nepal, including working for different hospitals in Kathmandu as well as for sub-regional hospitals in various districts. Some of her work experiences include working as a School Health Nurse for more than a year in a Kathmandu-based school where her responsibilities included first aid treatment to the students from grade one to twelve, along with providing psychological support to the children and adolescents.

Through various trainings, internships, clinical visits to hospitals and community medical visits, Pushpa has experience in hospital based care on OT, medical and surgical wards, ENT, ICU, and pediatrics; providing family planning devices and training to the community people; creating awareness about immunization and community health; primary health care management; antenatal and postnatal mother examination; and carrying out trainings on ANC and PNC to mothers and community health volunteers. Pushpa also volunteered for five months in a family health care hospital in Kathmandu where she gained experience in nebulization and medication in OT, medical and surgical ward, emergency, post-operative ward, along with hospital management, and hospital based care to patients.

As an integral part of RMF’s health support program to Nepal Children’s Organisation (NCO), she will be based at one of the NCO’s centres in Sifal where she will provide and supervise integrated nursing care and activities to the children at NCO, including infants, young children, adolescents, and children with special needs. She will also help build capacity of the NCO’s in-house staffs for effective service delivery by devising training materials and conducting capacity building trainings.

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