Purushottam Adhikari

Medical Officer

Dr. Purushottam Adhikari is a young medical graduate who earned his MBBS degree from Gandaki Medical College in Pokhara, Nepal. Born in the rural village of Dhading, he spent his childhood there and came to Kathmandu for further education. Associated with various non-governmental organizations, Dr. Adhikari has traveled to different rural villages in Nepal to participate in health camps, screenings, and health awareness programs. He advocates for the equitable distribution of healthcare services to the unreached and underprivileged people in all parts of the country. Besides practicing medicine, Dr. Adhikari is also involved in public health and clinical research.

Dr. Adhikari is currently working as an RMF Medical Officer in the surgical department of Kanti Children’s Hospital. He is grateful to be working with RMF, as he is gaining experience in the only government pediatric facility of Nepal, which has helped to kick-start his career.

In his free time, Dr. Adhikari enjoys writing articles on health and social issues, as well as writing stories and poems, sketching, and creating other artwork.

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