Nirjala Bhattarai

Registered Nurse

Nirjala Bhattarai is a registered nurse who hails from Kathmandu. She completed her Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) in Nursing at the Manmohan Institute of Health Sciences in 2015 and volunteered in the Emergency Department of Kanti Children’s Hospital for 6 months before joining RMF’s team.

Nirjala now works as an RMF Nurse in the triage area of the Emergency Department at Kanti Children’s Hospital. She receives the children at the Emergency Department, assesses their condition, and classifies the urgency of their case: requires immediate medical action for survival (code red), sick but not life-threatening condition (code yellow), less severe condition that can wait awhile (code green), or dead on arrival (code black), and sends the patient to the respective color zone for treatment.

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