Mahalaxmi Shrestha

Office Assistant

Mahalaxmi Shrestha is an Office Assistant at the RMF Urban Health Center in Lakainey, Namo Buddha, Kavre. She completed her higher secondary level of education at a local school and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tribhuvan University. Before joining RMF’s team, Mahalaxmi worked for five years as a social mobilizer for the Local Governance and Community Development Program (LGCDP) of the District Development Committee of Kavre, and she has agreed to apply this experience when required in the RMF Urban Health Center.

Mahalaxmi’s responsibilities include maintaining the cleanliness of the clinic and its surroundings, cleaning and preparing equipment to be sterilized for invasive procedures, informing community members about the health services the clinic provides, and assisting her supervisors as required.

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