Krishna Bahadur Baram

Health Clinic Assistant

Krishna Bahadur Baram is our Health Clinic Assistant working at the RMF Health Clinic in Gorkha district, the epicentre of the earthquake. Prior to this, he was working for the health clinic in Gorkha for over 6 years as Health Clinic Assistant. He has experience of providing primary health care services to the local community and providing assistance to the Health Officer. Similarly, he has also worked at several other health clinics as clinical assistant.

Krishna will assist the Clinical Officer in the overall management of the clinic, including provision of day-to-day administrative and operational support, and handling daily financial activities. His responsibilities include attending and managing patients at the Gorkha Health Clinic. He will provide support in undertaking clinical duties such as medical examinations and immunizations, including taking proactive measures during medical emergency situations. Krishna will also be contributing in developing and disseminating Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials on primary health care and services.

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