Abina Kakshapati

Registered Nurse

Abina Kakshapati completed her Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) in Nursing at Maharajgunj Nursing Campus in 2015. After completing her studies, Abina worked as a nurse in a private clinic in Kathmandu for about a year and then worked as a data collector for a family health project.

Abina has been appointed as an RMF Registered Nurse to support the Nepal Children’s Organization (NCO) home in Naxal. Her duties and responsibilities include providing around-the-clock nursing care to sick children and providing care to the infants and toddlers at the home; teaching and counseling house mothers and other NCO staff regarding nutrition, environmental sanitation, and the promotion of children’s health; transporting sick children to the hospital; ensuring the immunization of infants according to the national schedule; and maintaining records and reporting.

Abina is a hardworking and devoted young woman, interested in expanding the scope of her experience and enrolling in further studies.

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