Franck Généus MD, MHA

Medical Director, CORE Health Education Component

Dr. Franck Généus is a public health specialist with a particular interest in preventive and community health care. He is a graduate of the Haitian University Medical School and also holds a degree in Hospital Leadership and Health Systems Management from Loma Linda University, California. Additionally, Dr. Généus has trained in specialized and active prevention of noncommunicable chronic diseases at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico. His previous work in public health encompasses numerous positions with Action Against Hunger in Burundi and South Soudan, as well as serving as Evaluation Officer with UNDP, Program Chief with The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, and finally, Community Healthcare Specialist with UNICEF.

Dr. Généus is currently working as Medical Director of the Adventist Hospital in Diquini, Haiti and Assistant Director of Adventist Health Services Inter-Americas (AHS-IA). He is a co-founder of SPEC Institute, which is implementing the health education component of RMF’s CORE project. Dr. Généus is also President of the Private Hospital Association of Haiti.

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