Press Release: Dr. J Sponsors Real Medicine Foundation’s Presence at the 2013 LA Marathon

Press Release: Dr. J Sponsors Real Medicine Foundation’s Presence at the 2013 LA Marathon

April 15, 2013

The cheering station raised funds for worldwide humanitarian support with help from Athletes For Real Medicine and Payam Jarrah-Nejad, MD, FACS.

LOS ANGELES, April 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The 2013 LA Marathon featured cheering stations scattered throughout the course to inspire thousands of runners to continue to push themselves. However, one cheering station in particular had a charitable goal in mind. In addition to providing music and live performers to the marathoners, the Real Medicine Foundation's cheering station, located at Mile 22, sought to bring awareness to its humanitarian campaign that brings relief to those in disaster and poverty stricken areas around the world. Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad, master of cutting-edge plastic surgeries like the Brazilian butt lift and rapid recovery breast augmentation, proudly participated in sponsoring the Real Medicine Foundation's presence at the race.
Dr. J, as his patients and staff affectionately call him, was sadly unable to make an appearance at the marathon. However, he is surely touched by the presence of a banner posted at the mile marker specially thanking him for his contribution. More than that, Dr. J can rest easy knowing he contributed to an important cause that benefits people all over the world. The Real Medicine Foundation spends 92 cents on every dollar towards charitable work that reaches those in need throughout the the United States, South America,Asia, and Africa. Bringing humanitarian support with a keen emphasis on restoring the dignity of people stricken by devastation and extreme poverty, the RMF has donated clothing and supplies around the world, educated locals about important issues like school sanitation and polio vaccinations, invested and trained leaders in many global communities, and much more. The charity's focus is on empowering communities to continue their work once the Real Medicine Foundation has addressed immediate health care needs, including launching programs with an emphasis in indigenous sustainability on subjects like malnutrition eradication, HIV/AIDS care, maternal child healthcare, and Malaria treatment and prevention.
Furthermore, the Real Medicine Foundation benefitted from a group of charitable runners called the Athletes for Real Medicine. This team successfully raised over $10,000 for the Real Medicine Foundation, with many marathoners dedicating their journey towards a personal cause or in memory of a loved one.
This isn't Dr. J's first foray into global philanthropic efforts. Dr. J frequently volunteers overseas, performing procedures to correct cleft lip, cleft palate, scarring from burns and other sources, and polydactyly. In each case, Dr. J puts forth the same skill and artistry utilized in his domestic aesthetic procedures like rhinoplasty and mommy makeover in Beverly Hills. One particularly unforgettable event happened last year; a toddler was attacked by a wild dog in Peru and the timing was just right so that Dr. J was able to reconstruct the damage done to the boy's face. It's very lucky that Dr. J was still in the hospital; procedures like these often require world-class plastic surgery skills, as the delicate configuration of the face needs a practiced touch from a surgeon well-studied in facial reconstruction.
More information about Dr. J's humanitarian endeavors—and his skill as a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles—can be found online A free consultation can also be arranged with Dr. J by calling 310-228-3151.
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