Pakistan: Daily Pine, Abottobad; Talhatta Clinic Handover

Pakistan: Daily Pine, Abottobad; Talhatta Clinic Handover

March 5, 2012

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Mansehra (INB) In a function here on Saturday, representatives of Real Medicine Foundation (RMF), Pakistan and Hashoo Foundation (HF), Pakistan, handed over the RMF-HF Health Unit in Talhatta to the Health Department, of District Mansehra. The Health Unit had been running under the collaboration of RMF and HF since 2006

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that shook the Northern Areas of Pakistan, the Health Unit was set-up in the area and served the poor and vulnerable population of around 120,000 people from Talhatta and the neighboring Union Councils.

The ceremony began with a comprehensive introduction of the project by Dr. Rubina Mumtaz, Country Director, RMF. She informed the participants about the progress and achievements of the two organizations working in collaboration in Jabri for the first year of intervention and in Talhatta for the following five years. Mr. Ijaz Shah, Chairman Union Council Talhatta and Mr. Naheed Shah, resident of Talhatta both expressed their deepest gratitude for the services of the medical staff and the high quality medicines that were provided to the people.


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