Real Medicine selected as beneficiary by Urban Zen

Real Medicine selected as beneficiary by Urban Zen

December 13, 2010

Urban Zen Center
711 Greenwich Street
New York City

Real Medicine Foundation is proud to announce that we have been designated as a beneficiary for the Hope Help Relief for Haiti "The Truth" fundraising event.

Urban Zen Foundation's Hope Help Relief Haiti for The Truth is a multimedia art exhibition which will provide Gifts of Love to the people of Haiti.

The Truth, a group art exhibit curated by renowned fashion photographer Marc Baptiste, strives to capture the whole story of Haiti and was born of Marc’s vision to share the message of this country’s rich culture and artisans.

The Haitian community is strong and its artistic roots run deep. This is a celebration of people helping people, hope, courage, commitment, dignity, and the truth of survival. The artwork to be included in the art exhibit and auction is a diverse collection of works by Haitians, Haitian American, and Haitian-inspired artists. A total of 22+ contributing artists present works that include photographic images from before and after the earthquake, fine art photography, paintings, masks, and a slideshow presentation, short films, interviews and footage of Haiti.

All proceeds raised from The Truth Cultural Exhibition will benefit Urban Zen’s Hope Help & Relief Haiti mission.

For more information and to register for this event click here:

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