Real Medicine Provides Psycho-Trauma Aid In Memphis, Tennessee

Real Medicine Provides Psycho-Trauma Aid In Memphis, Tennessee

October 13, 2005

LATEST NEWS from Dr. Martina Fuchs

From Los Angeles

Dr. Martina Fuchs and the Psycho Trauma Team of The Real Medicine Foundation will be in Memphis, Tenn., on Tuesday, October 18, 2005 to continue their work to meet and support the emotional needs of the approximately 330 children and their families, displaced through Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, who found a new home in the 29 schools of the Memphis Catholic Diocese, serving pre K through 12th grade.

Psycho Trauma Specialists Dr. Kevin Becker and Dr. Annie Farnsworth will be conducting a seminar for the guidance counselors and educators of the schools, discussing the psychological impact of disaster and displacement in children and how to help them to adjust to their lives and new schools in the Memphis area.

In direct collaboration with the Memphis Catholic School System, the Real Medicine Foundation had developed a personalized model to help the staff respond to and anticipate the needs of its students following the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

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