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Real Medicine Foundation Joins Forces with Future Doctors for South Sudan to Improve the Health of the World’s Newest Country

June 30, 2015


_Real Medicine Foundation Joins Forces with Future Doctors for South Sudan to Improve the Health of the World’s Newest Country_

These two organizations, with the Ministry of Health, are working toward building a sustainable and self-sufficient health system in South Sudan
Los Angeles, Calif. — June 30, 2015 – Real Medicine Foundation (RMF), a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian support and development to people in disaster and poverty-stricken areas worldwide, has teamed up with Future Doctors for South Sudan (FDSS) to continue its work building a strong foundation for a successful medical system and improve the health of the country. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health of South Sudan, RMF and FDSS together will identify, educate and provide ongoing support for doctors in South Sudan, build the infrastructure of the country’s medical school, and increase the overall capacity of the health care system.

There is a significant need for medical doctors in South Sudan, which has only one doctor for every 100,000 people. Founded in 2011 by Dr. Kenneth Waxman, a surgeon who spent time in South Sudan with Doctors Without Borders, FDSS helps address this need by providing scholarships for South Sudanese students to attain medical training and education. The organization currently supports ten South Sudanese medical students, including Malueth ‘Abraham’ Angui, the first student to receive an FDSS scholarship. Mr. Angui was accepted to medical school in Uganda and began his courses in August 2013.

RMF has been working in South Sudan since 2009 with the same goal: to strengthen the health systems and improve the health of the country. RMF supports Juba Teaching Hospital, the country’s only referral hospital, and co-founded the country’s first ever accredited College of Nursing and Midwifery.

“As soon as we recognized that Dr. Waxman shares our philosophy of helping make communities self-sufficient and sustainable for the future, we knew FDSS would be a perfect addition to our programs in South Sudan,” said Dr. Martina C. Fuchs, founder and CEO of RMF.

“With RMF, we’re excited to expand our efforts and help build South Sudan’s health care infrastructure,” said Dr. Waxman. “We envision a South Sudan where trained physicians can help drive the transformation of health care, where mothers and babies have a significantly better chance of surviving childbirth, where childhood mortality is reduced dramatically, and where injuries and diseases are successfully diagnosed and treated.”

The RMF-FDSS partnership includes several initiatives, such as:

•    Scholarships: Support South Sudanese students to attend medical school. The students commit to returning to South Sudan as physicians to provide medical care, with geographical, tribal and gender diversity.

•    Hospital rehabilitation: RMF started upgrading the Juba Teaching Hospital in 2013, including the Pediatric and Accident & Emergency Departments. Together, RMF and FDSS will continue to support and build the capacity of this facility in order to realize the vision of ‘Juba Teaching Hospital – A Center of Excellence’ for South Sudan.

“I’ve long dreamed of becoming a medical doctor, and FDSS is helping make my dream a reality,” said Mr. Angui. “My medical inspiration continues to grow every day, and once I complete medical school, I look forward to returning to South Sudan as a physician to help improve the health of my community.”

“There are so many young South Sudanese who have the significant potential and drive to become doctors and Malueth is a perfect example,” added Dr. Waxman. “Together with RMF, we’re committed to identifying as many of these young people as possible, financing their educations, and supporting and mentoring them as they lead the future for the health of South Sudan.”

To learn more about RMF’s additional initiatives in South Sudan, visit:

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Founded in 2005, RMF is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian support and development to people in disaster and poverty stricken areas worldwide. RMF moves beyond traditional humanitarian programs by creating long-term solutions to health care and poverty-related issues, implementing sustainable, self-sufficient models and leveraging existing resources through partnerships with local governments, health systems, and local staff. RMF has worked in 20 countries on 4 continents, with 37 programs currently active in 15 countries, including disaster relief, health systems strengthening, maternal child health, pyscho-trauma support, economic/livelihood programs, and health education outreach. RMF has Special Consultative Status with the United Nations and PVO Status with USAID, and is Implementing Partner with UNHCR in Uganda and with UNICEF in South Sudan. To learn more, visit "www.realmedicinefoundation.org":http://www.realmedicinefoundation.org.

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