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Juba College of Nursing & Midwifery Year End Report

April 30, 2014

Dr. Taban Martin Vitale and Okang Wilson Ezekiel

Summary of Activities

The fighting in Juba which erupted on December 15th, 2013 and later spilled over to other states in South Sudan made it difficult for the JCONAM college staff and the students to return to their various homes for the break, as it happened right at the time the college had just closed for Christmas holiday. Many of the students were stranded on campus or within Juba, but are all now back on campus after the break completed and a ceasefire has held. The school is still waiting for all of the teaching staff to return but has been able to start the semester again with less staff.

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Results &


RMC training for the second year midwifery students

RMC Training

Respectful Maternity Care Training of Second Year Students

Facilitated and conducted the training for all second year midwifery students on Respectful Maternity Care. The second year midwifery are now able to apply the basic concepts of RMC while practicing in the maternity ward.

Tutors teaching

A new face

One more Midwifery Tutor

The national midwifery tutor recruited during the reporting quarter has bridged the skills gap among the current tutors and is actively leading the implementation of the developed strategy on supporting the students while in the clinical areas

Alumni Network

Tracing graduates in the field

Continued to trace the whereabouts of the new graduates, those employed versus unemployed and place of work so as to keep track of them and also support them.

nursing and midwifery students in the family planning cllinic

A Clear Strategy

Maintain and Improve Skills

Devised a clear strategy with college administration on how to handle and improve the skills of the students in clinical areas.

a second year midwifery student administering depo-provera

Family Planning

Many Methods Available

A Depo-Provera injection is one of the available family planning methods, chosen in this case by the patient after counseling by a second year midwifery student (pictured).

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& Objectives


Category 4 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, and over 75,000 residents are still living in damaged or destroyed homes, without the resources to fund repairs or reconstructions. In order to address Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and shelter needs, RMF has enacted a series of construction projects and partnered with FEMA on other building projects. These benefit primarily ill, elderly, or disabled homeowners living in the most hurricane-affected areas of the island. Projects include the rebuilding of roofs, installation of water tanks/jet pumps, the reconstruction of entire homes, and more.


  • Conduct major repairs on or reconstructions of badly damaged homes
  • Conduct minor repairs on moderately damaged homes
  • Install necessary equipment, such as water tanks or electrical equipment
  • Improve the quality of life and wellbeing of homeowners
  • Prepare homes for subsequent storms and disasters
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4th Quarter, 2013

103 students

Through the support of the consortium of partners, currently 103 students are fully sponsored for the three-year education program. This includes the provision of school uniforms, books, stationery, tutors and monthly allowances. The third year class graduated in August 2013, and year one students were recruited in December 2014 who are to start at the beginning of academic year 2014.

Nurse Midwifery Total
Year 1 26 25 51
Year 2 26 26 52
Year 3 0 0 0

Total 52 51 103