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Collaboration with Seven Summits Women to support rebuilding in Sindhupalchowk

July 31, 2015

Barsha Dharel

Seven Summits Women is a team of 7 female Everest Summiteers who make the 
world's first women team to climb the highest mountain in each continent. Team members hail from the worst earthquake hit districts of Sindhupalchowk, Kathmandu and Dolakha and have been actively engaged in providing relief support to the communities of this district.
In this light, Real Medicine Foundation has partnered with Seven Summits Women and White Girl In Nepal to contribute to their goal of reconstruction of schools, health posts and other damaged public structures to provide immediate relief and long-term support to the people of Bhotenamlang a district in Sindhupalchowk, home to one of the team members.
The worst hit district in the earthquake with the highest death toll, Sindhupalchowk, has for at least two decades also been the country's hub for women and girls trafficking. This and neighboring districts have always had high trafficking, massive migrant labors, high crime rates and hardly any real economic activities and opportunities. Even before the earthquake, these were the neglected regions of the nation, despite their proximity to the country's capital.

The Seven Summits Women team has been working for the women’s Education, Empowerment & Environment in these districts for years now, including empowering women and girls survivors of trafficking, providing them training in the outdoors and English language lessons.
Following the earthquake, the team has been active in relief and recovery work. They first started with relief work, sending food, medical and sanitation supplies. And currently, the team is rebuilding schools. In the long-term goal, they aspire to empower women, bringing in real socio-economic change while ensuring that women are at the forefront of this change. 
Distribution of biscuits and other relief materials in Bhotenamlang:

In close collaboration with Seven Summits Women, RMF will be, among others, working for the rebuilding, equipping and staffing of five schools in Bhotenamlang. Some of the Seven Summits Women projects where RMF will be partnering on are as follows:

  • School feeding program: In order to further ensure that children stay in school and to provide incentives to parents to send their children to school, we have set a goal of providing approximately 2,234 children in 8 schools with nourishing mid-day meals. 
  • Water & sanitation: Seven Summits in partnership with SmartPaani is making sure that all 5 schools in Bhotenamlang have access to proper toilets and clean water. A couple of schools have been completed already, but the work is currently stalled due to the monsoons.
  • Supplies & teacher staffing: Support to the schools with required supplies including arts & crafts, sports, musical kits, whiteboards and projectors. We are also working on hiring additional qualified teachers in schools that are not adequately staffed.
  • Reconstruction of Shree Ganesh Lower Secondary School: In partnership with Green Tara Foundation, reconstruction of the lower secondary school in Gurung-gaun has commenced. The newly built school will be constructed with international standards in mind and have excellent infrastructure.
  • Reconstruction of the only health post in Tamang-gaun that has been raised as a critical and urgent need of the community.

Children attend school at one of the temporary learning centers built by the team:

Next steps:
Discussions are underway to recruit a Project Manager to provide overall support to the effective implementation of this project.



Category 4 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, and over 75,000 residents are still living in damaged or destroyed homes, without the resources to fund repairs or reconstructions. In order to address Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and shelter needs, RMF has enacted a series of construction projects and partnered with FEMA on other building projects. These benefit primarily ill, elderly, or disabled homeowners living in the most hurricane-affected areas of the island. Projects include the rebuilding of roofs, installation of water tanks/jet pumps, the reconstruction of entire homes, and more.


  • Conduct major repairs on or reconstructions of badly damaged homes
  • Conduct minor repairs on moderately damaged homes
  • Install necessary equipment, such as water tanks or electrical equipment
  • Improve the quality of life and wellbeing of homeowners
  • Prepare homes for subsequent storms and disasters