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Sri Lanka

The Birthplace of RMF

Sri Lanka marks the birthplace of Real Medicine Foundation, the place where the first promise was made and the concept of “Friends Helping Friends Helping Friends” was born. Rural villages in Southern Sri Lanka still face challenges of coping with psychological trauma, poverty, and infectious disease outbreaks so Real Medicine’s clinic remains fully active and continues to grow. Initially established after the tsunami to serve one community of 400, the Real Medicine Clinic now provides free health care access to over 4,000 people in five impoverished villages. A number of successful initiatives have grown out of RMF’s Tsunami relief efforts, addressing education and school support, medical support of individual children, healthcare education and outreach and community and vocational support.




  • Primary Care Clinic - Yayawatta

    Yayawatta, I.S.P. Tsunami Village, Seenimodara, Tangalle, Sri Lanka
    2008 - Present

    Provides free health care access to over 4,000 people in five impoverished villages

  • Long Term Medical Support and Growth Hormone Treatment for Children

    Tangalle, Sri Lanka
    2005 - Present

    Treatment to promote normal levels of growth and weight for their age and any other serious medical issues that are brought to our attention.

  • Palathuduwa Preschool Support

    Palathuduwa, Sri Lanka
    2010 - Present

    Staff assists in proper caretaking of the children in addition to providing education, health awareness and proper sanitation, eco-awareness, outdoor activities and nutritious meals.

  • Minhath Montessori Pre-school

    Dickwella, Sri Lanka
    2006 - Present

    First ever pre-school for the children of the Tamil/Muslim minority community in Dickwella, Sri Lanka.

  • Pallemalala Vidyalaya School

    Hambantota District
    2009 - 2009

    The Janadirya National Women Development Foundation had made us aware of the following two schools in the Hambantota district in Southern Sri Lanka. We met the principal and teachers of these two schools, and they introduced specifically those children to us, whose lives were changed forever by the tsunami.

    Many of the breadwinners of families who live further inland had made the journey to the markets in the coastal cities on December 26, 2004, which was a Sunday and a holiday, and they were surprised and killed by the tsunami, leaving their broken families without income.

    We decided to support these children and their families individually, as well as the needs of their schools, i.e. schoolbooks, school uniforms, water supply, since they were poor and under equipped already before the tsunami.

  • Long-term Medical Support for Children (Sachini)

    2005 - 2009

    Sachini is actually a young woman of seventeen with all of the dreams of a bright future ahead. However Sachini’s life is different from other girls her age. Due to a growth hormone deficiency Sachini has the “bone age” of a ten year old. Graduating from High School presents enough challenges but having to live with this reality creates exponential stress. What makes her case more challenging is that because of her age, the window of time left for her to grow before puberty sets in is short. Therefore her Drs. have recommended that she receive double the course currently being administered to take full advantage of the time remaining.