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3,121,904 people

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40 deaths


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During the beginning of January 2018, a cold wave swept across the southern plains of Nepal’s Terai region, bringing severe winter conditions. According to the Nepal government’s Meteorological Forecasting Division, this cold wave will continue. As of January 13, 2018, the intense cold weather has claimed 40 lives. Many people, especially children and the elderly, are suffering from pneumonia, diarrhea, and hypothermia. This same region was devastated by extensive flooding caused by severe monsoon rains in the summer of 2017. The flooding destroyed homes and livelihoods, making already impoverished communities more vulnerable to the elements.

Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) arrived in Nepal shortly after the April 2015 earthquake, and we continue to provide disaster relief, medical services, and education support in several regions of the country. RMF Nepal’s cold wave relief efforts are concentrated in the Terai region. We are working with a local partner organization, BHORE, and the local government to provide relief to families most affected in the region.

Action Plan

Cold Relief

In partnership with a local partner organization, BHORE, Real Medicine Foundation is purchasing blankets and warm clothing for distribution. We are also coordinating with government agencies to identify communities and families most in need of relief items.

Free Health Camps for Cold Affected Communities

RMF is coordinating with the local government to conduct free health camps for cold affected, underserved communities. Through these health camps, communities are receiving free medical care and medicines.


  • Extreme cold
  • Lack of shelter
  • Hypothermia
  • Increase in cold weather illnesses

Ongoing Presence

RMF is working with communities and the local government in the Terai region to ensure timely provision of cold relief to families in need. We are organizing free health camps for those most affected by the cold and will continue to adapt our services to best meet the needs of underserved and vulnerable communities.

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