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The Preschool Children Perform Their Annual Concert: Q4 2016

February 01, 2017
Laknima Piyushani, Assistant Teacher

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The teachers watch as the children perform

The teachers watch as the children perform

Summary of Activities

Caring for Students and Their Families

Classes and activities continued as planned, providing parents and guardians with support and advice in the proper care of their young children, and providing children with a safe environment, at least one nutritious meal a day, and quality preschool education, including health awareness, eco-awareness, diversity awareness, and basic communication technologies.

A closer look at the children’s performance

A closer look at the children’s performance

Other Accomplishments this Quarter

Lessons and Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Educated the children on how to live in peace and harmony among different ethnic groups
  • Made the children aware of modern communication technology and its benefits
  • Children rehearsed for the concert. Children, parents, and teachers all had important responsibilities for the concert.
  • Children learned how to successfully accomplish a goal, as they spent 3 months preparing for the concert.
  • Children were trained to focus their attention on important things, such as schoolwork and special projects like the concert.
The school was decorated with colorful balloons for the concert

The school was decorated with colorful balloons for the concert

Annual Concert

Children’s Performance

Once a year, we hold a concert at Palathuduwa Preschool. This year, Soratha Thero, a Buddhist monk, also attended the concert.

First, we light the oil lamp. After a welcome speech, the children’s events begin. The children performed very well. Their parents took the advice of the teachers and did not purchase special costumes for the dances, because these would be expensive. Because the parents could not afford costumes, they provided normal clothing and dresses. Parents also prepared small treats for the concert participants.

Both teachers were happy with the children’s ability, but they were sad that this was the last preschool day for them, as next year the children will attend primary school. Teachers prepared small gifts for the children, and parents also prepared small gifts for both teachers. The teachers wished them all a bright future.

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